5 Best Adobe XD Alternatives to Work in 2022

Adobe finally gave in and developed Adobe XD, a specialized tool for UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design, after years of depending on Adobe Photoshop with every design-related need. However, as with any Adobe product, the XD program is not without flaws. So here we are going to present a well-research study of Adobe XD Alternatives.

Adobe is also hell-bent on selling you a Creative Cloud subscription, which is prohibitively expensive. If you’re looking for Adobe XD alternatives, keep reading to learn about the best alternatives.

Adobe XD Alternatives

Among many others Below provided software are known as some of the unique and best Adobe XD Alternatives.

1. Figma

figma adobe xd alternative

Figma is generally a design version of Google Docs. For a variety of reasons, Figma is my personal favorite UI / UX Design Software. The sharing is seamless, and everything works as it should. Second, Figma is a web-based application. It is therefore compatible with all desktop operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and Linux.

Figma is gaining traction in the design community thanks to its cross-platform capabilities. With the addition of plugin support, the company has recently closed the gap with competitors. The software is packed with features and includes all of the bells and whistles. However, when compared to Sketch, the UI feels a little dated. Figma also allows the user to install and access it as a PWA (Progressive Web App).


  • Among all design software, it has the best sharing capabilities
  • Provides outstanding community assistance
  • A large number of templates are available
  • Also, works well on all platforms


  • Although there is a PWA, nothing beats a native app
  • The plugins’ performance leaves a lot to be desired


You can work with up to two editors and three projects in the free version, which includes a 30-day version history. After that, each editor will be required to pay $12 per month.

2. UXPin

UXPin adobe xd rivals

UXPin is another capable prototyping. It is also one of the best alternatives to Adobe XD. It takes a one-of-a-kind approach to design, starting with the code. To put it another way, you can use code components to create the design you want. Prototypes are far more dynamic than simple transition links between screens or artboards because of their flexibility.

The lack of cross-platform compatibility isn’t an issue here. Both Windows and Mac users can use UXPin. Additionally, you can also use mirror apps for iOS and Android devices to view designs and prototypes simply by scanning a QR code.


  • Material design and iOS components are already included in the library.
  • High-level advanced Prototyping


  • There is no free plan, however, the free trial is available
  • The Basic plan does not include characteristics such as conditional logic
  • There is no web app


The basic starting plan is available in $19 per editor per month.

3. Sketch

Sketch adobe xd alternative

With the release of a designated Mac app in 2010, Sketch paved the way for the UI design software industry. To this day, it is the most popular tool among users. Many clients have asked designers to create User interfaces design using the only Sketch. Sketch’s UI design software has all of the features you could want. Years of development work can be seen in the final product.

Which is natively built for the Mac platform and feels streamlined and fluid right out of the box. You get to enjoy hundreds of plugins and a large amount of Sketch-supported templates from the web because you’re the oldest of the bunch. Sketch recently added sharing capabilities, and the team is currently working on bringing the software to the web.


  • Excellent Mac application
  • A huge number of plugins are available
  • Acceptance from the entire industry
  • There are plenty of tutorials and guides available


  • This software is not available for Windows OS
  • There is only a one-month free trial available


$99 per year, monthly plans starts from $9 per month.

4. Draftium

draftium prototyping software for websites

Draftium is a great Adobe XD alternatives that have a lot of the same features and design capabilities. It comes with over 300 prototype templates and 200 blocks by default. Real-time cloud collaboration is also a feature of the software.

Moreover, Draftium is a good choice for newcomers. Anyone can pick up a template and create a prototype thanks to the user-friendly interface. Start collaborating with team members by adding content and elements.


  • To let you get started, there’s a built-in template library
  • Prototypes that are interactive and engaging
  • Captions and comments improved design-developer coordination


  • Draftium branding is included in the free version
  • On the desktop, lack of native apps


$99 yearly plan.

5. InVision

InVision prototype tool

InVision is a popular and one of the best Adobe XD alternative for Windows and Mac. Further, InVision is used by many Fortune 500 companies or more. It also offers iOS and Android apps that mirror development and prototype for live feedback quick and easy, as much as Figma. The capability to style layers to construct eye-catching layouts and access robust asset databases.

Moreover, to create unique and stand-out UI designs are two unique features. Additionally, InVision also has a plug-in for Zoom and Microsoft Teams, two popular video conferencing programs. You can use the InVision whiteboard to formulate strategies and then sync them to the main software.


  • Animated and dynamic effects can be added with modern techniques
  • Collaboration between multiple users runs smoothly
  • Superior vector editing – can also be used in place of Adobe Illustrator
  • A large user base for sharing information


  • There is a limited free version available
  • A contact internet connection is required for the web version


Monthly plan for $7.95 per user.

Verdict – Adobe XD Alternatives

While Adobe XD is an excellent and powerful user interface/user experience design (UX/UI) program. It also forces you to stay in the Adobe ecosystem and deal with Creative Cloud. Browse the list of Adobe XD alternatives above to find the best fit for your next UI/UX design project.

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