How to Back up and Restore Signal Messages on Mobile

Signal Messenger is experiencing record-breaking downloads on both the App Store and the Play Store as a result of WhatsApp’s privacy scandal. With privacy in mind, the IM (Instant Messaging) program backups and restores Signal conversations in a unique (and required) way. Here is a detailed method of how to back up and restore Signal messages on mobile

Back up and Restore Signal Messages

Unlike Signal, WhatsApp backs up its media and chat data to Google Drive or iCloud. Telegram keeps all of your data in the cloud and allows you to transition between devices with ease.

The signal does not keep any data on corporate servers or any third-party cloud storage provider to safeguard user privacy. Instead, it backs up all the data on the device and backs up and restores Signal messages using distinct ways on both iOS and Android.

Back up and Restore on iOS

Signal released a tool last year that allows you to move signal data from an old iOS device to a new iPhone or iPad. End-to-end encryption is used throughout the procedure to ensure your privacy. Even big migrations can be performed rapidly because transfers take place over a local connection (similar to AirDrop).

To complete the transfer, you must have both the old and new iPhones next to each other. To transmit signal messages, follow the procedures below.

1. Download Signal and begin the registration process on the new device.

2. Tap the prompt asking if you want to move your account and message history from another iOS device after verifying your phone number on the new device.

Transfering signal messages on iPhone

3. On your existing device, look for the migration prompt and confirm whether you wish to start the transfer procedure.

4. Scan the QR code displayed on the new device with the existing device.

5. Take a seat and watch the transfer take place. It normally just takes a few minutes to complete this process.

Back-up and restore signal messages on iPhone

Once the transfer is complete, your previous device’s Signal data will be cleared, and you may start using Signal on the new device right away.

Your current gadget is constantly under full command. On the existing device, the transfer prompt appears. Before any data is exchanged, the existing device confirms the connection’s integrity and must physically scan the QR code presented on the new device before the transfer can begin.

For the encrypted device-to-device connection, Signal generates a unique key pair, and a MAC is inserted in the new device’s QR code, so your existing device can verify the connection.

Back-up and Restore on Android

On Android, you must create an encrypted backup file on the old device and then transfer it to the new one. You may then restore the Signal file on the Signal account and send messages successfully. The steps are as follows.

1. On your old smartphone, open the Signal app and touch the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.

2. Select Chats > Chat backups > Turn on from the drop-down menu.

Chat Setting to back up and restore Signal messages on Android

3. The system will prompt you to select a local folder for data backup.

4. Select the folder, and Signal will prompt you to put out a passcode for the new device’s 2FA (two-factor authentication).

5. Select Create Backup, and a backup file will be created in the specified device folder.

The signal backup file generated

6. Finally, copy the backup file from the old device to the new one and install Signal Messenger.

7. Open the Signal app and go to the bottom of the screen to restore the backup.

8. Choose the backup file and import it into the active Signal account.

9. Complete the process by adding the 30-digit Backup passphrase.

Signal account restored

Remember that without the password, you won’t be able to restore a backup. Consider the 30-digit passcode as a unique key that can’t be replicated. Also, double-check that you transferred the backup file to your new phone or to the phone that was reset.

Note: You can not transfer the signal messages from Android to iOS or vice versa. The current solutions are only available for iOS and Android devices.

What About Desktop

Signal’s desktop software does not allow you to transmit messages to your Android or iPhone. The account information on linked devices is not the same as on your phone. In such circumstances, you should use Register without transferring option.

Final Remarks: Back-up & Restore Signal Messages Mobile

To backup and restore signal messages on your iPhone or Android, follow the procedures above. You may then link your Signal account to the desktop software and use the same account on the big screen.

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