8 Best Airdrop Alternatives for Android, iOS and Windows

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Airdrop is Apple’s proprietary file sharing function that allows you to quickly send files between your Apple devices. To be honest, using this feature on my MacBook and iPhone was never a problem for me. AirDrop, on the other hand, has a significant drawback: it only works with Apple devices. In this section, we’ll assist you in selecting a WiFi transfer service of your choosing, one that works on several platforms. Read this write-up to know more about best airdrop alternatives.

Google is said to be testing a new feature called “Fast Share” that works similarly to Apple’s Airdrop. That is, you may use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct to transfer photographs, text, and other files with nearby devices without utilizing the Internet. However, it also enables cross-platform sharing across iPhones, Android phones, and other devices. Unfortunately, no news on when Fast Share will be formally released, so in the meanwhile, here are some Airdrop options that operate on all platforms, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Note: Almost all below provided best airdrop alternatives are free to use.

Best Airdrop Alternative

Let’s have a look at the below given some best airdrop alternatives.

1. SHAREit

For wireless file sharing, SHAREit has long been the de-facto standard. In fact, many people are unfamiliar with the technology, mistaking it for a function like Bluetooth. The app is quite popular, and some of that popularity might be attributed to the fact that it comes pre-installed on many Lenovo Android handsets.

SHAREit as best airdrop alternatives

SHAREit It works by establishing an inconspicuous hotspot (WiFi direct) and then transferring the file over it. Users must search for the receiver’s WiFi network, and it also includes a QR scanning mechanism for sending files to a PC.

I’ve used Shareit a million times and it’s always worked well. However, the software has gone crazy in recent upgrades, making it extremely difficult to connect devices and transfer files. Despite this, Shareit is still the most extensively used wireless file transfer program and scores well on the utility front.

Download SHAREit

2. Zapya

Zapya is another well-known file-sharing tool for mobile users. The app is said to be well-known for its flawless connectivity and user-friendliness. Zapya works by establishing a WiFi hotspot that allows users to transfer files without having to worry about losing their internet connection. The software was originally designed for the Chinese market, but it has since gained popularity in Myanmar, Pakistan, and India.


After using Zapya a few times, I believe it is a viable AirDrop option. Zapya earns brownie points for its ease of use along with its quick speed. The finest element is that users may form a group and transfer files to everyone in it at once. You can use zapya as the best airdrop alternatives.

Download Zapya

3. Xender

Xender is a lot like the previous two programs, SHAREit and Zapya. All three have over 100 million downloads under their belts and claim to be 200 times faster than a standard Bluetooth connection. Xender has a dedicated app for Android and iOS. For PC and for macOS, you can use Xender Web.

Xender best file sharing app

I initially used Xender when it was pre-installed on an Asus phone a few years ago. While the original releases were riddled with faults, the app appears to have acquired traction and established a niche in the market. It can transmit data between Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. Xender also has a group sharing capability that is comparable to Zapya and SHAREit’s.

In comparison to Zapya and SHAREit, Xender is simple to use and has a better user interface. Another amazing (or should I say creepy?) feature of Xender is that both the sender and recipient may see the other phone’s apps, videos, and audio files. Xender works very well on all platforms and also one of the best airdrop alternatives.

Download Xender

4. Send Anywhere

While the majority of the apps on our list use WiFi to transmit files, Send Anywhere is a little different. It employs the peer-to-peer (P2P) file transfer protocol, which means your files are transferred across the Internet but not saved on any server. As a result, you can email files not only to those who are linked to your WiFi, but also to pals who are in another city. This does, however, imply that Send Anywhere requires an internet connection in order to send files. Wi-Fi Direct mode allows you to transfer files between Android devices without requiring an internet connection.

Send Anywhere best airdrop alternative

Both parties must first install the Send Anywhere app on their respective smartphones, as with most apps (or you can also use their website). After that, open the app and drag & drop or find the file you wish to send. Send Anywhere will create a 6 code once the file is ready to distribute. Share the code with the file’s recipient. The recipient must now open the app, select Receive, enter the six-digit code, and the file will begin to download.

The Send Anywhere app is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, as well as a Chrome Extension. If the sender or recipient prefers not to download the app, they can still send and receive files using the Send Anywhere website. Send Anywhere is an excellent alternative to Airdrop that not only provides some privacy but is also cross-platform. There is no file transmission limit with this program, and it is absolutely free.

Download SendAnywhere

5. Snap Share

Snap Share is a wireless file transfer program that is relatively unknown. This program, however, is published by Cheetah Mobile, the same company that created Clean Master. Snap Share, like the other apps, can transfer photographs, music, ringtones, apps, e-books, documents, and other file types from one device to another. The software establishes its own hotspot, so it doesn’t require an internet connection. Snap Share, according to the developers, is 150 times faster than Bluetooth.

Snap Share airdrop alternative

With Snap Share, everything went smoothly with no issues. The drag and drop feature makes sharing files a breeze. Snap Share’s key feature is that it can be utilized even when the devices are more than 500 feet apart, which is something that other file transfer apps can’t do.

Download Snap Share

6. File Pizza

Let’s face it, no one likes to share their pizzas, but what if there was a pizza that made sharing easier? Confused? Don’t be that way. WebRTC is used by File Pizza, which is an open-source application. Other web-based file sharing services typically require an initial upload step, which is not required with this program. You can consider File Pizza as one of the best airdrop alternatives.

File Pizza sharing app

File Pizza does not have a specific program, but it can be used on any machine that has a web browser, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. As a result, this service is web-based, and recipients will receive a “tempalink.” File Pizza is my preferred method because it does not store data on a third-party server and is also fast, secure, and dependable.

Download File Pizza

7. Instashare

Instashare is another file-sharing service that does not require the use of the internet. The user interface is simple, and Instashare may be used to share any form of content without any limitations. Thankfully, the software may also be used without having to enter an individual password or pairing.


When uploading files from my MacBook to my Android smartphone, Instashare works beautifully. Why is this important to mention? Because some file transfer programs have issues with devices running various operating systems.

Download Instashare

8. Snapdrop

Okay, this is the best one so far. Snapdrop is the closest non-Apple device you can come to Airdrop capability. It works like this: on both devices, access snapdrop.net in a web browser. The devices will be immediately discovered, and you can then begin the transfer. You may view it from any platform because it’s just a webpage.

Snapdrop best airdrop alternative

The poor transmission speeds are the only drawback of this technology. I’ve used both AirDrop and Snapdrop at the same time, however, AirDrop is much faster. If you’re only planning to utilize it for little files, however, it should be alright. Snapdrop is one of the best airdrop alternatives.

Get Snapdrop

Wrapping Up: Best AirDrop Alternative

The aforementioned apps are only the tip of the iceberg. Dukto R6, Nitro Share, Feem, File drop, and Share drop are just a few of the additional programs available. I would personally advocate spending a significant amount of time with each app before choosing “the one”! While I use SHAREit from the list above because it is the most trusted at the moment.

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