14 Best Learn to Code Apps for Android & iOS

It is critical to begin teaching children how to write and basic programming principles at a young age. Learning to code will not only benefit your children in the future, but it will also teach them crucial skills such as problem-solving, sequencing, and logical thinking. To that end, you don’t have to go through a lot of trouble to teach your children fundamental programming. Thankfully, there are a variety of coding games available to make the work easier and more enjoyable. Some of the best learn to code apps and games for kids and adults are listed here.

Best Learn to Code Apps

Let’s have a look at each best learn to code apps to dig out more. You may also like to read How To Password Protect Email on iPhone and iPad.

1. IDZ coding games

IDZ is a collection of short but entertaining coding games. Your children will not become bored easily because there are over 50 different coding games to choose from, and they will learn practically all of the programming concepts such as variables, arrays, loops, functions, and so on. Aside from that, the software teaches logical reasoning and problem-solving techniques.

IDZ coding games best learn to code app

Price: Free with in-app purchases.

Download for Android / iOS.

2. Tynker

Tynker is a puzzle game that teaches your child the fundamentals of coding and how to code. Unlike other games, Tynker uses block coding. Using programming concepts such as loops, arrays, and functions, your children may construct their own games and apps by arranging blocks. The program also teaches pattern recognition and sequencing while allowing you to animate and establish behaviors for in-game creatures.

Tynker best learn to code app

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Download for Android / iOS.

3. codeSpark Academy

The in-app game generator in codeSpark Academy allows your children to create their own simple games while learning and applying fundamental programming concepts. The app’s strength is that it was created in partnership with and research from prominent colleges such as MIT and Princeton. Additionally, the app developer provides new content every month, ensuring that your child is continually learning and doing something new.

codeSpark Academy

Price: codeSpark Academy is a subscription-based app that costs money. It will set you back $7.99 every month. The app is available for a free seven-day trial.

Download for Android / iOS.

4. Cargo-Bot

Cargo-Bot is a simple but popular coding game for youngsters in the puzzle format. There are numerous stages in the game. Each step requires you to program a bot utilizing basic programming concepts so that it can efficiently move and deliver cargo. The program also allows users to record gaming and upload it on YouTube if necessary.

Cargo-Bot best learn to code app

Price: The app is free.

Download for iOS.

5. SpriteBox Coding

SpriteBox Coding is an adventure game that teaches actual Swift programming on iOS devices and Java programming on Android devices. In the game, your child is an explorer who collects objects, travels to new areas, solves puzzles, and so on. Every action your child takes in the game teaches them one or more programming concepts.

SpriteBox Coding

Price: SpriteBox Coding is a $4.99 premium application.

Download for Android / iOS.

6. Code Kingdom

As the name implies, Code Kingdom is an adventure game that focuses on teaching algorithmic abilities, logical thinking, and spatial imagination in addition to the fundamentals of programming. There are various maps, levels, and gaming scenarios in the game.

Code Kingdom best learn to code app

Price: The app is free with in-app purchases.

Download for iOS.

7. Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

Think & Learn Code-a-pillar is a simple gaming program that teaches problem-solving, number recognition, planning, and sequencing to your children. The kid needs Code-a-pillar to solve a maze while feeding him a specific amount of leaves in the game’s many command segments. Despite the fact that Code-a-pillar does not directly teach essential programming principles, it does enhance the necessary logical skills.

Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

Price: The app is free.

Download for Android / iOS.

8. Move the Turtle

Move the Turtle is an award-winning game that teaches your children how to code using a turtle. The goal of the game is to move the turtle in a specific direction. The child learns how to organize and perform complex moves, as well as how to reuse earlier moves and save knowledge.

Move the Turtle best learn to code app

Price: The app is available as a premium version only that costs $3.99.

Download for iOS.

9. GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox is a basic coding game in which the child is entrusted with building a super-fast skateboard to assist Goldie in delivering cupcakes to the entire town. During the construction process, the child will learn all of the fundamental programming ideas. There are several maps in the game, as well as a few more mini-games that provide more in-depth instruction on programming topics.

GoldieBlox best learn to code app

Price: GoldieBlox is a premium app that costs $2.99.

Download for iOS.

10. Hopscotch

When it comes to coding apps for kids, Hopscotch is one of the best. Hopscotch allows youngsters to learn basic programming ideas while also allowing them to design their own games, apps, and tales. Hopscotch is unique in that it includes play-along video tutorials. Your children can also share their own projects or download other children’s creations to learn more.


Price: The app is free with in-app purchases.

Download for iOS.

11. Daisy the Dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur was created by the same person who created the coding game Hopscotch. The game is straightforward and straightforward, with your child tasked with animating Daisy the dinosaur. They accomplish this by rationally arranging various blocks in whichever sequence they like. Though they appear to be simple and straightforward, these blocks make understanding basic programming concepts quite simple.

Daisy the Dinosaur

Price: The app is free.

Download for iOS.

12. Lightbot

Lightbot is another puzzle-style kid’s coding game that prides itself on teaching kids how to use their programming skills in real-world situations. The kid is entrusted with guiding the robot through numerous puzzles throughout the game. The game also includes thorough explanations of key programming principles such as control-flow instructions, loops, and functions. To begin, the game features about 50 levels and 20 different challenges.

Lightbot best learn to code app

Price: Lightbot is a premium app that costs $2.99.

Download for Android / iOS.

13. Kodable

Kodable is a full-featured coding game software that teaches programming fundamentals through a series of mini-games. Kids can, of course, create their own applications and games using the in-app tools. As the child progresses, the app finally teaches JavaScript, a real-world programming language. All of the activities and lessons in Kodable are organized into different grades and levels because it follows a school-like curriculum. This gives children the freedom to choose what they want to play and study.


Price: The app is free with in-app purchases.

Download for iOS.

14. ScratchJr

If you’re familiar with the Scratch programming language, you’ll recognize this app’s name. In reality, ScratchJr is heavily influenced by the block-style programming language Scratch and simplifies it even more for children. The software allows children to snap together various blocks to fulfill tasks or to develop their own simple and complicated games and apps.


Price: The app is free.

Download for Android / iOS.

Final Verdict: Best Learn to Code Apps

That is it for now. If you think I missed any of your favorite kid’s coding games for iPad or iPhone, then comment below and share them with me. I have listed some of the best coding game applications for kids and adults are listed here. Moreover, I can suggest you try all the apps one by one and then let your kid learn. You may also like to know 8 Best Airdrop Alternatives for Android, iOS and Windows.


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