Best Methods to Update Apple Watch

It is always necessary to update the software on your Apple Watch. Apple Watch is a device that Apple owns and maintains. Apple has released a number of smart devices. The Apple Watch, unlike other smartwatches, has a plethora of high-end capabilities. This smartwatch connects to your iPhone and sends you notifications about calls, messages, health, exercise, and more. To experience the software as seamlessly as possible, you must use the best methods to update your Apple Watch on a regular basis, much like other smart devices.

Every update is critical since the only way to fix minor faults and make substantial UI changes is to upgrade the device. If you’re still unsure how to update your Apple Watch, see the following article. It is critical to upgrade your device to the most recent version. Updates are used to fix bugs and other issues. You can get new features as well as increased speed and reliability by updating the software.

What are the Best Methods to Update an Apple Watch?

When a new update is available, the Apple Watch will automatically notify you and begin updating. However, you can still check for new updates and manually update them. Apple Watch can be updated in two ways:

  • Update directly on the Apple Watch.
  • Update using the iPhone

Method 1: How to Update Directly on Apple Watch?

(1) Make sure your Apple Watch is connected to the internet via WiFi.

(2) Press and hold the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to access the apps’ area.

(3) Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Select "Settings"  to Update Apple Watch

(4) Select “General” from the “Settings” menu.

(5) Select the “Software Update” option from the General settings menu.

 Select the "Software Update"  to Update Apple Watch

(6) On your Apple Watch, tap Download and Install to download and install the latest software.

Tap Download and Install the latest software.

Note: that the Download and Install option will only appear if your program has been updated. This option will not appear if the app is up-to-date.

Method 2: Using your iPhone.

You must first update your iPhone before updating your Apple Watch (if there is any software update is available). How can you update your Apple Watch by using your iPhone, you may also check here.

(1) Turn on Bluetooth and connect your iPhone to WiFi.

(2) On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.

(3) Choose My Watch from the drop-down menu.

(4) Select “General” from the drop-down menu.

Select "General" from the drop-down menu.

(5) Select Software Update from the General menu.

Select Software Update from the General menu

(6) After clicking Download and Install, input your iPhone or Apple Watch passcode.

After clicking Download and Install, input your iPhone or Apple Watch passcode.

After entering the passcode, the updating procedure will begin.

It’s important to keep both devices charged until the finishing of the update.

Conclusion: Best Methods to Update Apple Watch

There are two methods for updating your Apple Watch. As previously stated, all updates are automatic, and in the majority of circumstances, the watch will begin upgrading automatically. You may still manually check for updates and keep your gadget up to date to get the most out of it.

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