7 Best Bookmark Organizers for Firefox to Manage Links

While Google Chrome has many bookmark organizers, Firefox has a smaller selection. So, when I switched to Firefox, I had to say goodbye to Toby because Toby for Firefox had been disabled. So I was looking for a bookmark organizer for Firefox that could match Toby while also allowing me to import my bookmarks. In addition, I discovered a number of bookmark organizers for Mozilla Firefox that have slightly different capabilities.

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Best Bookmark Organizer for Firefox

1. Scrapyard

The scrapyard was the first bookmark organizer I came across. With a few modifications, it’s very similar to Firefox’s built-in bookmark manager. First and foremost, there are numerous options for importing bookmarks from other bookmark managers. The HTML, JSON, and RDF file formats are all supported by Scrapyard. However, there was a file structure issue when I tried to import Toby bookmarks in JSON format. As a result, I had no choice but to use the HTML file format, which worked flawlessly.

Scrapyard also lets you save your bookmarks to the cloud via Dropbox or Pocket. The Online Link Checker is my favorite feature. Scrapyard just scans your bookmarks list and reports broken links back to you. It also brings the site icons up to date. This is a useful tool for removing old bookmarks from your list.

Scrapyard Bookmark Organizer for Firefox

Furthermore, if you used the original Scrapbook with Firefox 52, you may import the RDF files into Scrapyard. It is compatible with the majority of Scrapbook files.


  • Bookmarks from third-party apps can be imported in HTML, JSON, or RDF formats.
  • Shadow-Fox is used to support the dark mode.
  • Check for broken links and icon updates online with this link checker.
  • Dropbox or Pocket are good options for cloud backup.
  • Bookmarks synchronization app for Android

Download Scrapyard for Firefox

2. Bookmark Organizer for Firefox

Unlike its name, Bookmark is one of the unique bookmark organizers for Firefox on this list. It remembers not just the webpage’s URL, but also the scroll position, markings, and form input. It’s the only Firefox extension in this list that can achieve that.

Bookmark, on the other hand, is a simple bookmark manager for Firefox. You won’t be able to organize your bookmarks into folders, categorize them, or label them. As a result, it will not appeal to power users.

Bookmark Organizer for Firefox


  • Saves the scroll position and form data from a webpage.
  • The UI is simple and straightforward.

Download Bookmark for Mozilla Firefox

3. TabExtend

TabExtend is the closest you can get now that Toby has been removed from the Firefox store. This TabExtend is aesthetically beautiful and allows you to add, move, and remove tabs with drag-and-drop movements. TabExtend focuses on tabs rather than folders. This is a great way to visually distinguish the bookmarks. You have a “Read Later” tab, for example, where you can save half-read articles. Then there’s the Quick links page, where you can find news websites to read first thing in the morning. This way, I know which tab to use depending on the time of day.

Because of a few drawbacks, TabExtend is a good bookmark organizer just for first-time users. Although TabExtend allows you to export bookmarks, it does not allow you to import them. Furthermore, TabExtend’s free edition only allows for 30 cloud backups. After that, you’ll have to pay $7.28 per month.

TabExtend Bookmark Organizer for Firefox


  • Support for adding, moving, and removing websites by drag-and-drop
  • For greater organizing, use tabs instead of folders.
  • Text notes can be added alongside bookmarks.
  • There is no option to import tabs.
  • In the pro version, additional functionality like as limitless tabs and backups are available.

Download TabExtend for Firefox

4. TabMerger Extension

TabMerger is a tab manager rather than a bookmark manager, as opposed to the above-mentioned bookmark organizers for Firefox. It does, however, serve a very specialized purpose. TabMerge may be used to quickly save all of your tabs into a group. For example, when I’m doing research for an article and have to quit work in the middle of it for duty. To save all the tabs, I use TabMerge. When you’re finished, delete all the tabs, and you’re done.

These websites aren’t something I’d visit on a regular basis because they’re only there to complete an assignment. As a result, rather than saving them as bookmarks, it makes more sense to use TabMerge for this purpose. When you’re finished, delete all the tabs, and you’re done.

TabMerger Extension


  • Merge of open-source tabs
  • Saves all of your open tabs at the same time.
  • Data can be imported and exported in JSON format.

Download TabMerger for Firefox

5. ELink Bookmark Manager

ELink Bookmark Manager is a bookmark manager that works online. It’s more of a newsletter creator in general, and the bookmark organizer is simply one element of the package. Before you can use the bookmark organizer on ELink, you must first join up. All of your favorites and articles are backed up on ELink’s cloud in exchange.

It also allows you to import RSS feeds and view articles within the app, in addition to favorites. ELink Bookmark Manager’s only drawback is that it does not allow you to import bookmarks from other apps. To batch import bookmarks, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version, which starts at $12/month. Overall, take advantage of the free version. It’s pointless to upgrade merely for the sake of having a bookmark manager.

ELink Bookmark Manager


  • A bookmark organizer and a newsletter maker are both available online.
  • After you sign up, you’ll get a cloud backup of your bookmarks.
  • Creating RSS Feeds is an option.
  • The pro version is $12 per month.

Download ELink Bookmark Manager for Firefox

Bookmark Utilities

6. Private Bookmarks

Private Bookmarks is a useful enhancement to Firefox’s built-in bookmark manager. It gives a secret folder to hold your bookmarks, as the name implies. The folder is password-protected and not visible to the naked eye.

To access the bookmarks, click the Private Browsing button, enter the password (don’t use the internal password manager), and unlock it. It’s a convenient way to hide your banking, analytics, and private bookmarks.

Private Bookmarks is meant to work in Private browsing mode by default. As a result, while installing the extension, be sure to tick the “Allow in Private mode” checkbox. Alternatively, you can use the extension’s “Disable the private browsing mode access” option.

Private Bookmarks


  • Hidden bookmarks’ folder with password protection
  • After 30 minutes of inactivity, the device will automatically lock.
  • Passwords can be exported in an encrypted format.

Download Private Bookmarks for Firefox

7. Bookmarks Clean Up

Bookmarks Clean Up, like Private Bookmarks, is a useful bookmark organizer for Firefox. It assists you in organizing and archiving your bookmarks. The Online Checker is my favorite feature. It searches all of your bookmarks and returns a list of broken links. You can select all of them and delete them all at once. It also lets you merge duplicate bookmarks or create a duplicate bookmarks folder.

Bookmarks Clean Up


  • Checking for broken links in bookmarks is an option.
  • Duplicate bookmarks should be merged, and empty files should be deleted.
  • Exceptions to folders can be added.

Download Bookmarks clean up for Firefox

Closing Words: Best Bookmark Organizer for Firefox

Toby was eventually replaced by Bookmark and TabMerge. Scrapyard is my recommendation for the majority of users. It’s the best alternative. Try using the Bookmark clean-up and private bookmarks if you’re using Firefox’s internal bookmark organizer.

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