7 Best Countdown Apps for Mac Users

Whether you’re anticipating the release of a new Marvel film or a major event in your town, a countdown app will remind you of the exact time remaining and heighten your anticipation. Every occasion has its own set of apps, and I’ve compiled a list of countdown apps for Mac that you should check out.

Countdown Apps for Mac

Here is the list of Countdown Apps for Mac.

1. Countdowns

Because you can immediately glance to the top of the Mac screen and see the time remaining, the Menubar is an ideal location for a countdown. It contains a few settings, including the new year, Independence Day, the FIFA World Cup, Christmas, and so on. You can also make your own countdowns and give them other names.

Countdowns app for mac

The app is free to download on the App Store and costs $1 per month unlimited countdowns.

Get Countdowns (free, in-app

2. Progress Bar

Consider this app to be the battery indicator for your most important life events. It displays how far your event has proceeded, whether it is your year, the number of days since you quit smoking, or any other forthcoming event. The UI is simple, and the icon resembles a battery icon that is either draining or filling up depending on your countdown.

Progress bar Countdown App Mac

With this app, you can make as many progress bars as you want, and they’ll all fit neatly on the Menubar. For a lifetime license, the app would cost $10.

Get Progress Bar ($9.99)

3. Countdown Timer Plus

While the Menubar is a handy location for countdown timers, it’s a small area that’s easy to overlook. Countdown Timer Plus corrects this by placing a countdown at the top of the screen. You may start a countdown from the Menubar, and it will appear on the screen as a sticky note with a running timer that you can move about and resize.

ountdown Timer Plus

To distinguish between numerous instances, rename each countdown timer and modify the color and caption. For $1.99, you can unlock three distinct countdown styles and create an unlimited number of countdowns.

Get Countdown Timer Plus (free, $1.99)

4. Moment: Countdown App Mac

The moment has a number of countdowns for both significant and minor life events. It allows you to establish countdowns to a specified date, time progressed, and age, as well as show progress with a percentage and donut icon. On those three categories, you can add several timers that will stay in the Menubar and Today Widgets.

Moment Countdown App for Mac

Moment is available on the App Store for $4.99 and you can get a 7-day free trial.

Get Moment (free trial, $4.99)

5. WaitingList

Another countdown software for Mac is WaitingList, which ensures you never miss an event. You may make many countdowns and give each one a unique look by adding a custom background. The program also sends out notifications, the frequency of which is determined by the proximity of the event, so you don’t forget.


The best aspect about WaitingList is that you can sync your countdowns to Apple TV, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac, so you can keep track of them no matter where you are. waitingList is available for $4.99 on the Mac App Store.

Get WaitingList ($4.99)

6. Countdown Screensaver

This is the most basic yet effective countdown you can use. It lacks numerous timers and the ability to add a title, but it performs admirably. The event date is entered in the Screensaver section of the Settings app. Your countdown timer will appear whenever your Mac screen enters screensaver mode.

Countdown Screensaver

Countdown Screensaver is available for free on GitHub.

Get Countdown Screensaver (free)

7. Howler: Countdown App Mac

Howler is yet another Mac countdown timer with a unique feature set. It offers a one-time option, but instead of delivering a notification, it howls. As the countdown expires, the app will begin to make noise, and you will hear a loud howl indicating that the task has been completed. It’s a useful app that costs nothing on the App Store.

Howler Countdown App for Mac

Get Howler (free)

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Final Remarks: Best Countdown Apps for Mac

These are some of the greatest countdown applications for Mac that I’ve found to be really useful in remembering impending occasions. There is an app for every situation and circumstance. The first put the countdown on the Screensaver, while the second puts it on every device, so you don’t miss any events. What application do you use? Please ping me via Twitter or Facebook.

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