8 Best DND Apps for Android to Stay Focused

Although Android already includes a built-in Do Not Disturb mode, it has a number of flaws. There are no exceptions for third-party apps or specific contacts. For example, if you want your buddy or spouse to be able to send you text messages while the rest of the world is unable to do so. Unfortunately, it is not feasible on Android natively. Here are some of the 8 best DND Apps for android to stay focused.

Best DND Apps for Android

Although Google included a few DND features in Android 11, it still lacks features like automatic scheduling, batch notifications, and so on. So, if you’re running Android 10 and need a DND app, here are some of the top DND apps for Android.

1. Google Post Box

Google Experiments’ Post Box is a basic but powerful DND tool. First and foremost, you must select the number of times each day that you wish to get notifications. It could be done once, twice, three times, or four times per day. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll start receiving notifications in batches at the specified time of day.

Google Post Box: DND Apps for Android

If I choose twice a day, for example. At 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., I will receive all app notifications. The timings are, of course, changeable within the program. The only drawback to Post Box is that it does not allow you to create exceptions for specific contacts or apps.


  • Notifications for all apps are stored in this folder.
  • Notifications are delivered in bunches
  • Messages and phone calls are not included.

Download Post Box for Android.

2. SAID Smart Alerts

SAID Smart Alerts is an app that manages DND-cum notifications. It works differently. To begin with, it divides your notifications into two categories: Important Alerts and Default Alerts. Important Alerts have a distinct vibration/ring, whereas Default Alerts have a distinct vibration/ring. So, based on the buzz of your phone, you’d be able to determine the message’s priority.

Furthermore, Said Smart Alerts learns about your habits over time and adjusts the importance of notifications and apps accordingly. You may filter notifications based on text and even create exceptions, unlike Google Post Box. My favorite feature was the ability to mute messages like “lol,” “k,” and so on. Notifications that do not require your immediate attention.

The only downside with Said Smart Alerts is that they rarely contain advertisements. You may be required to see advertisements in order to continue using the app.

SAID Smart Alerts: DND Apps for Android


  • Notifications are classified as Important or Default, and the system learns your patterns over time.
  • Important and default notifications’ vibrations/sounds are changed.
  • Informational messages can be muted based on the message’s text and sentiment.

Download SAID Smart Alerts for Android

3. Daywise: DND Apps for Android

With one limitation, Daywise is one of the greatest DND apps on the list. We’ll take care of it. But first, it functions on a basic principle. You’ll receive your notifications in a batch at 4 fixed intervals in the day. It intelligently divides your apps into two categories: Instant and Batch Apps. Instant apps can send you notifications at any time of day, whereas batch apps offer notifications in four-minute intervals.

You can also set exceptions within apps with Daywise. You can opt-out of receiving quick notifications from contact or even a WhatsApp group. The only catch is that Daywise is now paid, and it’s a pricey one at that. For a lifetime license, you’d have to pay approximately $20. You can test the app’s functionalities for 14 days without using a credit card.

Daywise: DND Apps for Android


  • Notifications are sent in four batches.
  • Apps are automatically classified as important or insignificant.
  • Exceptions can be made for phone contacts as well as WhatsApp groups.

Download Daywise for Android (14-day trial | $20)

4. Spren Notification Manager

Spren works similarly to Daywise, however, it is completely free. It intelligently divides the app into two tabs: Show and Hide. Show apps can display notifications, whereas notification-only apps cannot. You can turn on the toggle to hide promotional and group chat messages.

The ability to set exceptions for individual contacts within the Hide tab is the only thing lacking from Spren.

Spren Notification Manager


  • Apps are intelligently classified as show or conceal alerts.
  • To eliminate promotional and group messages, use a filter.
  • Analytics will be used to provide notifications based on the app.

Download Spren Notification Manager for Android

3. Filter Box: DND Apps for Android

Filter Box is not your typical DND program, unlike the others mentioned. It’s more of notification management than a Do Not Disturb app. It may, however, filter notifications based on text, contact name, time of day, app, and other factors. If you don’t want to receive Twitter notifications in the morning, for example. Filter Box may be configured to ignore Twitter notifications in the morning while allowing all other apps to function normally.

However, Filter Box comes with a handful of drawbacks. First and foremost, setting up the app would take a few weeks. Every app and notification type would require its own set of rules. As a result, if this is your first DND app, I recommend skipping it. Next, Filter box is a premium app, comparable to Daywise. It comes with a 30-day trial period, after which you must pay $3.99 as a one-time price.

FilterBox: DND Apps for Android


  • Filter notifications by app, text, contact name, and more.
  • Notifications can be dismissed, muted, or postponed automatically.
  • Day-to-day notifications and usage analytics

Download Filter Box for Android (30-day trial | $3.99)

6. Nap

Nap is designed for taking nice naps, as the name suggests. It differs from the other apps on the list in terms of how it works. First and foremost, the program requires you to initiate a nap session directly within the app. After that, all notifications will be automatically dismissed.

When you wake up, you can end your nap and check your notifications on the app. During a nap, you can manually filter out apps that you don’t want to see or reject notifications. During a slumber, for example, you can block text messages and phone calls.

Nap for Android


  • Designed for a relaxing slumber
  • During a slumber, notifications from selected apps are automatically dismissed.
  • Nap time can be scheduled.

Download Nap for Android

7. Digital Break

Digital Break is an all-in-one app that will help you detox from your smartphone. It allows you to disable apps, app notifications, secure your personal data, and prevent screen misuse, among other things. Let’s just focus on the DND component for the sake of this post. Digital Break, like Daywise, will send notifications in bunches.

You would, however, have to do the heavy lifting, unlike Daywise. By default, Digital Break disables notifications from all apps. App exceptions and contact exceptions would have to be added manually. Daywise’s free competitor, Digital Break, can be regarded as a free alternative.

Digital Break


  • Notifications are delivered in bunches
  • Individual contact or message exclusions can be added.
  • App usage timer, screen time control, and other features are built-in
  • All-in-one detox app for your smartphone

Download Digital Break for Android

8. Actuflow

Finally, Actuflow is merely an afterthought on this list. Although it isn’t really a DND app, I prefer it to DND apps. Every time you unlock your phone, it simply asks you why. It may appear insignificant at first, but it prevents you from unlocking your phone unintentionally over time. It aids in reducing phone usage that isn’t necessary.

Actuflow also gives you the option of setting a purpose reminder. So, for example, you unlocked your phone in order to “read text messages.” If you continue to use the phone for a time, it will now display a purpose reminder about text messages.



  • It inquires as to why you want to unlock your phone.
  • If you use your phone for an extended period of time, set a reminder.

Download Actuflow for Android.

Final Remarks: Best DND Apps for Android

Postbox or Nap are wonderful places to start if you’re new to the realm of DND apps. Digital Break or Filter-Box are excellent choices for power users. If DND apps haven’t worked for you, you might want to try Actuflow.

Did you like our write-up regarding Best DND Apps for Android? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Your feedback and opinion are much appreciated.

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