Double VPN Review And It’s Working

There are a lot of people out there who want to mine your data. For data miners, your data is more valuable than your privacy or even security, whether it’s the government, commercial firms like Facebook, or hackers. Some do it for the money, while others do it for the surveillance. In any case, the end-user is the one who pays the price. Using a VPN is one way to secure oneself, but it appears that even that is no longer foolproof. Popular VPN companies have now introduced a new function known as double VPN to secure the data. Here is a detailed double VPN review & it’s working.

Double VPN Review

The most basic definition of the term is exactly what you’re thinking right now. It entails using two VPN connections at once. Adding an extra layer of protection to your current VPN connection, So now you’re connected to the internet via a double VPN, which routes your internet data over two layers rather than one.

A VPN’s job is to hide your true identity. Your computer’s unique IP address, which comprises your geographical data, ISP, and other associated details, is used to identify you. The VPN will hide your location, so the site you’re viewing or the tracker that’s following you won’t be able to tell where you are. It could be that you’re lounging in your pajamas in your Bahamas home, but it’ll show you’re in Europe. All of this is done safely utilizing encrypted tunnels, making it nearly hard to break into and gather personal, identifiable data. Almost.

According to new research, VPNs aren’t all that secure. In truth, VPN services have been hacked in the past. It’s a shame because they’re the ones who are meant to keep us safe from hackers. If they are unable to defend themselves, then…

Free VPNs are even worse, but I don’t think I need to tell you that right now, do I? Only use them for streaming when you have little or nothing to lose.

How Double VPN Works

VPNs are designed to create an encrypted tunnel between your machine and the destination server, as we now know (where the site you are visiting is hosted). A double VPN will build two of these tunnels, one on top of the other, encrypting and routing data twice instead of once. On the other hand, as compared to a standard VPN connection, which is already slow owing to encryption and data routing, the internet speed would be reduced. I recommend using the double VPN only if you’re a journalist working in a conflict zone, a government operative, or someone in a similar position. It’s okay to be paranoid!

Multihop VPNs, VPN Cascades, and VPN Chains are all terms used to describe double VPNs. The names are all fancy, yet they all signify the same thing. What matters most is the VPN service they provide. What is the relationship between these two VPNs?

  • There are two separate VPN service providers with different servers.
  • One VPN provider has implemented a proxy through an extension.
  • A virtual private network (VPN) link to the Onion router network (TOR)
  • A VPN service that provides two or more jumping servers
  • In a virtual computer, the second VPN server is deployed.

That’s how, and we’ll go through a few of them below to get you up and running quickly and safely.

Double VPN Built-in

Some VPN providers offer a second function called double VPN, which means they’ve already set everything up for you. NordVPN is one such example.

Double VPN built-in NordVPN

Under Specialty servers in the left sidebar, you’ll see the choice. I couldn’t find it at first, but with a fast call to NordVPN support, I was able to locate it within minutes. Their support team is friendly and helpful. You will need to change your protocol to OpenVPN (TCP or UDP) in Settings > Auto-connect to view and enable the double VPN feature.

NordVPN's protocol settings

The second VPN’s IP address and geolocation will now be logged, while the first VPN (one layer deeper) and your true IP address and geolocation (two layers deeper) will remain encrypted and safe. Even if the second layer is decrypted, all they will see is another layer rather than your real location and data.

Using Double VPN With Any Service Provider

Are you utilizing a different VPN service provider that doesn’t provide this feature by default? By making a few minor adjustments, you can continue to use the double VPN setup to further safeguard your identity. As an example, I’ll use Express VPN, but it should work with the most popular VPNs.

Check to see whether your IP address has changed after enabling VPN service. You can use the VPN software or a website like What’s My IP Address to do so. You’ll now open the second VPN program and double-check that your new IP address is listed as the default. If it does, enable the second VPN service, and your IP address will be changed once more. Your internet traffic is now split between two different VPN services. Of course, this will be more expensive than utilizing a service like NordVPN, which already includes this capability.

As a first layer, you can use a free VPN like Opera or another program, but I wouldn’t advocate it if you’re doing something critical. It’s as though your life is on the line.

Let’s take a closer look at the greatest possibilities first, so you can figure out which setup is appropriate for the type of work you do.

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Using TOR or Opera Browser

One of the safest networks in the world is the onion or TOR network. It’s free and open-source, and it has its own browser. However, most ISPs can tell you when you enter or exit a TOR node with surprising accuracy. They won’t know what you’re doing once you’ve logged in and started using the TOR browser.

TOR browser working

This problem can be solved by incorporating a VPN into the mix. Use a paid VPN provider, which doesn’t have to be able to provide a double VPN capability, and then connect with the TOR browser. Because the TOR browser will redirect your traffic and obfuscate your IP address, your IP address will now be masked behind another VPN.

While nothing compares to the TOR browser, Opera also offers a free VPN service as well as a slew of additional capabilities. You can use your standard VPN app as the first layer, then access the web using the Opera browser (VPN enabled). Even if Opera gets hacked, hackers will only be able to see your first layer details, which aren’t real

Closing Remarks: Double VPN Review

Double VPN review: It can be used or deployed in a variety of ways on your computer. To spice things up, you can utilize dedicated services, two independent VPN service providers, browsers like TOR or Opera, or even publicly available browser extensions/add-ons. The concept is straightforward. To further safeguard your identity on the internet, make sure everything goes through two layers.

Here’s what I’d suggest. Any VPN can be used to stream material such as movies or music. It’s not a huge deal. When doing sensitive work, you must use TOR, and you must use a double VPN if you think you might get into difficulty or if your life is at stake. There are no free lunches in this world, thus I don’t recommend using free VPN services for anything sensitive. If there is no product, you are the product.

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