7 Best Family Tree Maker Apps in 2022

When you were in school, I’m sure you had to create a family tree as part of your homework. Making a family tree used to take a lot of time and effort, as well as a lot of chart paper, color pens, and other materials. If you’re still curious and want to keep track of your ancestors in the new year, all you need is your smartphone or computer. That is something for which there is an app. Here are some of the top family tree maker apps without further ado.

Best Family Tree Maker Apps

Let’ have a look at the best family tree maker apps of 2022.

1. meWHO? Lite Family Tree Creator

The program is simple to use and caters to people who just wish to make a family tree on their phones. It’s fundamental, which means it’s simple to learn, and it might even be a good place for kids to start learning about family ties. Aside from the essentials like name and date of birth, relation, etc., you can upload pictures too.

1. meWHO? Lite

The program may be used offline, and the graphic of the family tree can be shared as an image. You will not be required to sign in, which means that the only way to back up your data will be to use local storage.


  • Simple user interface, ideal for children.
  • There is no need to sign up.
  • Family members can be viewed as a list.

You can install meWHO Lite for Android.

2. Quick Family Tree

Quick Family Tree is similar to the previous family tree maker program in that it allows you to add family members, view them in a timeline, and export them to share with others without having to create an account. This program has all of those fundamental capabilities, as well as a spotless 3D presentation of your family tree. Simply click on the blank home page canvas to add spouses, children, parents, and other family members. It’s that simple.

Quick Family Tree

I particularly enjoy it when the display layout changes and automatically highlights the individual selected in the center of the screen. For example, if you wish to create a family tree for your spouse or a friend, you can do it using the free multifamily tree maker.


  • There is no need to sign up.
  • Overview of the Family Tree in Illustrations
  • Option for several family trees
  • It’s compatible with iOS.

Quick Family Tree is available for (iOS | Android).

3. My Heritage

If you wish to go deeper into your ancestors, you’ll need to sign up with your e-mail, Google, or Facebook account. It automatically pulls your last name from the account you signed in with. After that, you spend a few minutes configuring the app. In order for the software to produce a family tree, you must enter at least two generations of data.

The standard view, pedigree view (timeline), and list view (excellent for an overview) are all options for viewing the family tree.

My Heritage

One of the top family tree creator apps, My Heritage, features a research area. As a result, it has a database that can be extremely useful when looking for last names or locating members of your clan. There are various premium features available for $127 each year. This allows you to collaborate with other tree owners, gain access to smart matches, and so on.


  • Sign-in required
  • Availability of historical data, ancestral history, etc
  • Available for iOS

You can install My Heritage for (iOS | Android)

4. Creately Family Tree Maker (Website)

If you prefer to work on a larger laptop screen, there are numerous websites that allow you to create a family tree. Create Family Tree Maker was a very basic and intuitive one that I found. This website, like the original app, is incredibly simple to use. From the sidebar, you may drag and drop elements. A flowchart, block shapes, import image option, and even a built-in Google image search are all available on the sidebar.

Creately Family Tree Maker (Website)

You can also utilize and alter pre-drawn family tree templates on the website. You can export this in a variety of image formats, including SVGs, to ensure that you don’t lose quality when presenting the slide.


  • Exporting does not necessitate a sign-in.
  • Templates and diagrams in plenty
  • Not reliant on a single platform

You can install Lucid Family Tree Maker

5. Lucid Family Tree Maker

To utilize the service, you must either create an account, or you can sign up using your Google account. The main page is friendly, and it gives new users the choice of starting with a blank canvas or loading a template. The toolkit is identical to that of the previous website, containing flowcharts, shapes, and other options. You also have a specific text tool-set if you wish to construct a complex family tree and utilize a lot of texts.

Lucid Family Tree Maker

You can also read their lengthy introductory page if you want to learn more about your lineage in depth. Lucid not only lets you create a family tree, but it can also be used to create any form of a flow diagram to describe a chain of orders or relationships. For chart fans, Lucid is a sophisticated all-in-one family tree builder app.


  • It is necessary to log in.
  • Feature of Presentation
  • A Google Docs-like layout is simple to use.
  • Make a Google Slides presentation

You can visit Lucid Family Tree Maker

6. Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker is an excellent choice for both beginners and specialists. It’s a cross-platform software that works on both Mac and Windows. Everything you make can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet. Because it’s a desktop app, you can do almost whatever you can do in other platforms’ apps. You also receive a photo editing tool in case you want to touch up an old photograph, create charts and reports, and so on.

Family Tree Maker

You may also use the program to store historical documents, old images, audio/video recordings, and enter your ancestry in a map or street view style to follow migration pathways. The software is not free, and prices range from $80 to $120 depending on the product.


  • To make modifications, use a common database.
  • Cloud Service Tree Vault
  • Tool for restoring photos
  • It costs $80.

You can install Family Tree Maker.

7. Notion/Evernote

I’m not referring to Notion exactly, but any mark-up editor or visual tool that can work with shapes, figures, lines, and possibly photos will suffice. You can also create one with PowerPoint or Paint. If you utilize Adobe Photoshop, it’s much better because you’ll get a convenient, customizable toolkit for creating even the most convoluted generation-spanning family trees. If you don’t want to install more software, using the other apps you currently have is a suitable alternative.

Final Thoughts: Best Family Tree Maker Apps in 2022

So there you have it: the finest applications for starting your own family tree. If you ask me, I prefer a straightforward tool that allows me to sketch up a rough blueprint of my family. The first app is more than enough for me. If you have a smartphone, you may try out some other apps featured below, such as My Heritage and Quick Family Tree. If you’re using a PC, Lucid Family Tree Maker has a lot of features and a lot of template demos to pick from.

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