How to Find a Lost iPhone Without Find My iPhone

Getting your hands on the latest iPhone isn’t cheap. I recently purchased an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and a significant portion of my savings has been depleted. With such a high price tag comes an increased level of responsibility. And now I’m constantly concerned about misplacing my phone. Even if it slips between my couch cushions and I can’t find it, I get worried. Have a look at the below-provided steps to find a lost iPhone.

The first thing someone would do is dialing your phone number from a borrowed phone or utilizing ‘Find my iPhone.’ But what if your phone is in silent mode or is resting beneath a seat in Uber, where no one can hear it ring? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of scenarios that will help you locate your misplaced iPhone. Let’s have a look at them.

Find a Lost iPhone Without Find My iPhone

Here are some steps you should take if you are going to find a lost iPhone without the Find My iPhone App.

1. Use the Apple Watch

If you use the entire Apple ecosystem, your Apple Watch might come in handy at times. If your iPhone goes missing in your cluttered bedroom, you can utilize the ping feature on your Apple Watch to locate it.

Use the Apple Watch to find a lost iphone

Simply swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Watch menu and tap the phone symbol. Your iPhone will ping with a distinctive tone. Regardless of whether the phone is in silent mode or has a low ringer volume, the phone rings. Another great feature of this feature is that the iPhone starts blinking when you tap and hold the ping button on your watch. This requires your iPhone to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple Watch or to be connected to it via Bluetooth.

2. Say ‘Hey Siri’ loudly

This may appear strange to you, and even stranger to those who are staring at you. However, saying “Hey Siri” as loudly as you can while your iPhone is jammed under the couch or bed is a smart method to locate it. Previously, the feature was only available when your iPhone was charging. However, practically all models now support ‘Hey Siri’ when the charging pod is removed.

Say ‘Hey Siri’ loudly to find iphone

If your iPhone is close by, it will light up and speak to you through Siri. Try this in every room or area where you believe your iPhone has gone missing. Simply notify those in your immediate vicinity.

3. Use Find My iPhone App

Okay, I know, I explained how to discover a lost iPhone without locating my iPhone, but it’s worth repeating because this method is so useful. You should have Find My iPhone set up to get this to operate, although most Apple devices come with ‘Find My Phone’ fully set up when you first install the device.

Use Find My iPhone App

Use one of your other Apple devices, such as your iPad or Mac, to track your iPhone using Find my iPhone. Alternatively, borrow a computer and visit To log in, enter your iCloud login and password.

When you sign in with your iCloud account, it will display a list of all of your Apple goods along with their current or last seen location. They must, of course, be connected to the internet. You’re out of luck if your phone didn’t have internet access while it was lost.

You may track your phone’s current or previous position from here. You may also use this feature to ring your iPhone, regardless of the ringer volume or silent mode. Moreover, you can also use your phone’s lock screen to display a message before locking it. If nothing else works, you can also remotely delete your iPhone to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

4. Use Find Friends

This feature, which isn’t widely used, could be the one that saves the day. Find Friends is another Apple native software that allows you to connect with friends and family and share location information.

share my location

If you’ve shared the location of your smartphone with friends and family, you may easily connect with them to find out where your phone is right now. The software provides you with real-time location updates without the need for a notification. So, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to track your phone without drawing attention to yourself.

You can also enable parameter-specific notifications in the app to be notified when your phones leave a certain place. This could be useful if you’re on your way to your phone’s location.

5. Consider a Third Party App

There are several third-party tracker apps available in the App Store in addition to the native apps and functionalities. These apps may also be useful for sharing your whereabouts with friends and family. In fact, if you’re using a family locator app, you have a second chance to locate your phone.

location sharing

Third-party family locating apps might be deceptive at times, performing their tasks in complete silence. Most third-party location-sharing apps don’t require the installation of any system profiles and only demand location permissions. Some services don’t even necessitate the installation of an app on the phone. A simple link is shared that can be accessed from any web browser to see a device’s current position.

Glympse, Life 360, Foursquare Swarm, and others are examples of third-party location-sharing apps. Many of you may not be aware that your very own Google Maps contains a feature that allows you to share your whereabouts eternally. The option to share your location can be found in the Google Map menu bar. The feature is cross-platform and not limited to the Android operating system. To learn more about these apps, check out the page on family locator apps linked below.

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Closing Words: Find a Lost iPhone Without Find My iPhone

So, there you have it: a step-by-step guide on what to do if you misplace your iPhone. Although, we cannot guarantee that any of these options will return your iPhone to you. If you can’t find the phone within a few hours, we feel you should report it to the authorities and your service provider. If you aren’t enrolled in Apple Care, there are a few insurance options available. Furthermore, if you are fortunate enough to find any of them useful, please share your experience in the comment section below. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a lost iPhone that has been switched off.

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