Fix Google Meet Camera Not Working Issue on Browser

When it comes to the best meeting app, Google Meet is without a doubt the clear winner. Everything is possible in Google Meet, from collecting attendance to administering a quiz. Because Google Meet is a video conferencing tool, “video” is the most prominent feature. However, some users have reported that others were unable to see them during video calls. It can happen for a variety of causes, regardless of the operating system. Here are some of the most effective methods to fix the Google Meet camera not working issue on Windows and Mac browsers.

Fix Google Meet Camera Not Working Browser

According to the platforms and browsers, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest solutions, tips, and techniques.

1. Allow Camera in the Browser

It’s probably the first item you should double-check. Google Meet requires camera permissions to work properly, regardless of whether you’re using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. When you first visit Google Meet, it will ask for permission to use your camera and microphone. Here’s how to re-enable certain permissions if you’ve disabled them.

Google Chrome:

1: Open Google Meet’s official website and click the View site information button if you’re using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium as your browser. In the address bar, that’s the lock button.

2: It displays all rights in one convenient location. Expand the drop-down box and select the Allow option if the camera is blocked.

Allow camera for Google meet in chrome

Mozilla Firefox:

In contrast to Google Chrome, the Firefox browser does not display settings. When a website tries to access the camera, it presents a popup menu. As a result, when it asks for it, click the Allow button.

Allow camera for Google meet in Firefox

Apple Safari:

If you’re using the Apple Safari browser on macOS, select the Resume option from the camcorder symbol in the URL bar.

Allow camera for Google meet in Apple safari

Allow Specific Site to Use the Camera

You must delete a specific site from the list if you have stopped it from accessing the camera, such as Google Meet.

Google Chrome:

1: Go to Settings in the Google Chrome browser.

2: Select Privacy and security > Site settings from the drop-down menu.

3: Select the Camera choice from the drop-down menu.

4: To remove from the Block list, click the trash bin icon.

Allow the specific site to use camera in chrome

After that, visit Google Meet in your browser and authorize Google Meet to access your camera using the first way.

Mozilla Firefox:

1: Go to the Preferences/Options window in the Firefox browser.

2: On the left-hand side, select the Privacy and Security option.

3: After that, go to the Camera’s Settings button. It displays a list of websites that have or don’t have access to the camera.

4: From the list, choose the website you want to remove and click the Remove Website option.

If the website is not displayed, move on to the next solution.

Allow the specific site to use a camera in Firefox

Microsoft Edge:

1: Go to the Settings section in the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.

2: Next, go to All Sites > Cookies and Site Permissions > All Sites > All Site > Expand > Click on

3: It displays all the rights you’ve granted and denied for that particular website. Expand the Camera drop-down menu and choose Allow.

Allow the specific site to use the camera in Microsoft Edge

Return to the Google Meet page and attempt to join a meeting. Meanwhile, you’ll be given the choice to allow the camera.

Apple Safari:

1: Users of Apple Safari can go to Preferences > Websites > Camera from the Safari menu.

2: Go to and select Allow from the drop-down menu.

Allow the specific site to use the camera in Apple safari

After that, proceed to the first procedure to grant Google Meet access to your camera.

3. Allow Camera in Windows Settings

There are a few choices in Windows Settings to enable or disable the camera on your device.

1: Press Win+I to enter the Settings menu, then select Privacy > Camera.

2: Double-check the following settings on your right-hand side.

Make sure that this device’s Camera access setting is enabled. Otherwise, toggle the option by clicking the Change button.

Allow access to the camera in Windows settings

Make sure the setting Allow desktop programs to access your camera is turned on. Otherwise, switch it on by pressing the appropriate button.

4. In the System Preferences, select Allow Camera.

On a Mac, you can enable or disable the camera for a specific app in the System Preferences panel.

1: To begin, go to Security & Privacy > Privacy > Camera in System Preferences on your Mac computer.

2: A list of browsers and other apps that have previously requested camera access may be seen here. When a browser is enabled, it can access the camera and vice versa. If your preferred browser isn’t already selected, click the lock symbol, enter your passcode/scan your fingerprint, then check the appropriate option.

Allow browsers to access the camera on Mac

Following that, you have to restart your browser.

5. Disable Google Meet Auto Disable Mic/Cam

Google Meet Auto Disable Mic/Cam is a Chrome add-on that automatically turns off video and audio based on user preferences. It is best to disable this or any similar browser extension if it was installed previously and is now misbehaving.

6. Set Default Camera From Google Meet Settings

If you have an external webcam connected to your laptop and wish to utilize it as the default camera, go to the settings panel and select it. When using your iPhone as an external microphone or camera for Mac, you may accomplish the same way.

1: Go to the Google Meet website and click the top-right settings gear icon.

2: Next, go to the Video tab and select your desired camera from the drop-down list.

Default camera setting in google meet

7. Verify VoIP Camera Settings

It’s a good idea to double-check the connection if you’re using VoIP camera software to use your phone as an external webcam for a laptop or desktop PC. They may be disconnected from time to time owing to a technical issue.

8. Check Webcam Protection in Antivirus

Some antivirus programs, but not all, contain a feature that prevents apps from accessing the webcam for privacy reasons. You can access the options/settings panel if you have such an antivirus or security shield installed on your PC.

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Final Words: Fix Google Meet Camera Not Working

This problem affects different people for various reasons. Because Google Meet has become an indispensable tool for remote workers, you should look into these options for resolving the Google Meet camera issue.

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