Fix Messenger Notification Sound Not Working on Mobile

We don’t go a day without using the Facebook Messenger app. We use Facebook Messenger practically every day, whether to communicate with family members or to get messages from business colleagues. What if the notification sound for a new message or call is turned off? It occurs when the required permission or option does not match your preferences or when a bug occurs. Here is how to fix the Messenger notification sound not working issue on mobile(Android & iPhone).

Fix Messenger Notification Sound Not Working

To save you time, we’ve broken down the processes for both mobile OS and included the platform name in the headings where applicable. Please notice that we have included stock Android screenshots. However, you can perform the same steps on another device running a different ROM

1. Verify Notification Settings

It’s a good idea to double-check if you’ve enabled notifications for the Messenger app before moving on to other alternatives. We accidentally switch off some functions from time to time. If this happens to you, you may encounter such an issue regardless of the operating system. Did you know that the Messenger app has a plethora of options to choose from?

Android Users:

Follow these procedures if you’re an Android user:

To begin, open the Messenger app on your phone and tap the profile image in the upper-left corner. A setting called Notifications & Sounds can be found here. It can be found in the Preferences menu. It should be tapped.

Make sure it’s turned on now. Although you can’t turn off Facebook Messenger notifications permanently, you may turn them off for a set period of time. Toggle the matching button to turn on notifications, even if that is the case.

Then you must listen to the Notification sound. You must set a legitimate file as your Notification sound because it is largely a sound issue. To confirm this setting, go to the Notification sound option and select the notification sound you wish to hear. Similarly, tap Ringtone and select a sound to play when someone contacts you over Messenger.

Ringtone selection to fix the Messenger notification sound not working

To put it another way, you can try changing the Facebook Messenger notification sound to see if that fixes the problem. Toggle the In-app sounds button on and off to enable it. Please note that if it is already turned on, you should not change it.

iOS or iPhone Users:

The iOS version of the Messenger app does not have as many settings as the Android version. However, it is suggested that you follow these instructions to enable Messenger notifications on iOS.

Open the Messenger app and tap the top-left corner of your profile image. Find and tap on the Notifications & Sounds settings.

Messenger notifications and sounds settings iPhone

Make sure the following two options are turned on.

  • Show previews
  • While using app
Turn on messenger notifications and sounds iOS

Toggle the corresponding buttons to turn on notification sound and preview if they aren’t already on.

2. Disable Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is a notification option that may make or break your phone. Whether you’re using an Android or an iOS device, both contain similar features that you should look into.

Android Users:

There are two ways to see if Do Not Disturb (DND) is turned on or off on your Android phone. The first approach is easier to follow than the second, which requires numerous steps to complete.

In the notification menu of most phones, there is a one-tap Do Not Disturb enable/disable button. When you slide down the status bar, it shows. If you can locate the appropriate option and it is enabled, tap on it to disable Do Not Disturb.

Disable do not disturb to fix the Messenger notification sound not working

Second, the option can be found in the Settings app. Because different ROMs feature this option in different places, it’s best to look in the Settings app for “do not disturb.” After then, utilize the associated option to turn off this feature.

Turn off do not disturb on android

iOS or iPhone Users:

You can use two distinct Do Not Disturb settings on your iPhone. The first may be found in the Messenger app, while the second is in the Settings app (the native Do Not Disturb option). To begin, open the Messenger app, tap on your profile picture, go to Notifications & Sounds, and set the Do Not Disturb switch.

Disable do Not Disturb on iOS

The second one, as previously said, is included in the Settings app. Go to the Do Not Disturb menu in the Settings app. Toggle the Do Not Disturb button once you’re in to turn off the feature.

3. Notification Turned off for Specific Contacts

You will not receive notifications from that individual contact if you mute a discussion. In other words, when he or she sends you a message, the Messenger app will not play the notification sound.

Android Users:

In the app, open a conversation and hit the info icon in the top-right corner. As needed, tap the Notifications and Unmute Conversation choices.

Unmute messenger conversation to fix the notification sound not working

The person should be unmuted.

iOS or iPhone Users:

In the Messenger app, open a conversation and tap on the person’s name or profile picture. Then, to get the sound, press the Unmute button to get the job done.

Unmute messenger conversation on iOS

4. Verify Phone Notification Settings

Whether you’re using Android or iOS, you can adjust notifications for a specific app like Messenger with a few tweaks on both platforms. Despite the fact that Android has more settings than iOS, you can adapt the instructions to your device.

Android Users:

Open the Settings app and navigate to Apps & Notifications > Messenger > Notifications. It brings up a list of options for you to check, such as:

  • Notifications for all “Notifications”
  • Calls and chats
  • Group chat mentions
  • Stories
  • Other
  • Notifications for all “Activity indicators”
  • Incoming calls
  • Call in progress
  • on-line location sharing
  • Active chat heads
Messenger notifications settings on android

You must ensure that all of these options are enabled. Toggle the appropriate buttons if necessary.

iOS or iPhone Users:

Go to Notifications > Messenger in the Settings app. Now check the following settings:

  • The Allow Notifications setting must be enabled.
  • Toggle the Sounds button to turn it on.
Messenger notifications settings on iOS

Is the notification sound on Messenger still not working? There are a few more options available to you. When an Android app stops sending push notifications, these solutions will still operate.

5. Clear App Cache to Fix Messenger Notification Sound Not Working

If an app on Android has ceased operating or is misbehaving, the simplest solution is to reset the app. Unfortunately, iOS users will be unable to do so.

Tap and hold the Messenger icon in the app drawer until the App info option appears. It should be tapped. Do the following now:

1: Press the Force Stop button to end the app.

Force stop

2: Select Storage & Cache from the drop-down menu.

3: Select the settings for Clear cache and clear storage, if needed.

Clear cache and clear storage on android

If it doesn’t work, you should uninstall and reinstall the app. Such problems can emerge as a result of a bug.

6. Factory Reset (Android, iOS)

The final, but not least, option is to restore your smartphone to factory settings. Adware or malware can cause aging devices to malfunction. If this occurs, the best approach to resolve the issue is to reset your device.

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Conclusion: Fix Messenger Notification Sound Not Working

These approaches are the quickest way to fix the no Messenger notifications sound issue on Android and iPhone. Because it might happen for a variety of reasons, it’s best to take each step one at a time. If nothing else seems to be working, you might want to consider other Facebook Messenger alternatives for Android.

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