7 Best Focus Apps for Mac to Stay Laser-Focused

It’s difficult to concentrate on work when there are so many distractions at home or at work, and you’re not alone. A focused app can help you get in the zone for that ideal idea, whether you’re attempting to finish a task or get in the zone for that perfect idea. I evaluated a few programs and compiled a list of the top Mac focus apps. They’ll assist you in giving your full concentration to the task at hand.

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Best Focus Apps for Mac

1. Forest

Forest is a one-of-a-kind attention software that requires no action on your part. Instead, it encourages you to stay focused by encouraging you to plant digital trees. You simply set a timer and go to work; if you get distracted, Forest cautions that your tree will perish. You can add websites to the block list, and Forest will display a screen asking you to return to work if you visit one of them during your session.

Forest Focus App for Mac

As a Chrome extension, it’s available. It appeals to me because it does not automatically ban websites, but rather puts you in charge of your actions and decisions. The use of the forest is unrestricted.

Get Forest (free, Chrome Extension)

2. Focus Up

If you’re seeking Mac apps that help you focus, I’m guessing Forest doesn’t do anything to keep you from visiting distracting websites. Focus Up offers a more stringent approach, blocking websites across the board, regardless of which browser you’re using. The interface is simple, with only a timer in the window. When you click Start Focus, all of your distractions will be turned off, and you won’t be able to access them for the duration of the countdown.

Focus Up

It’s simple to add and remove websites. Press Enter after you’ve typed in the URL. However, I’d want to stress out that you can still end a session early, which can discourage some people from participating. Additionally, at the time of writing, Focus Up did not work on Big Sur.

Get Focus Up (free)

3. Haze Over

When it comes to reducing distractions, Haze Overtakes a unique approach. Rather than banning apps and websites, it allows you to dim the backdrop so that your focus is solely on the program window you’re presently using. It’s especially handy for folks who use numerous monitors. The program can dynamically allocate separate windows to different displays and dim the rest of the backdrop, so you can focus on what matters.

Haze Over

With a click, you may turn on or off the dimmer, and alter the contrast with easy gestures. Haze Over is available for $4.99 on the Mac App Store.

Get Haze Over (free trial, $4.99)

4. Serene: Focus App for Mac

Serene is your one-stop shop for all things focused, with painstakingly crafted software to help you focus and stay on track with your responsibilities. It’s based on the idea that if you’re going to focus on something, make it the only thing you focus on. Serene has a to-do list, an app blocker, and a day planner. You may also use its extension to block websites in Firefox and Safari.

Serene Focus App for Mac

You begin by breaking out an entire day into parts to plan your day. Then, one by one, begin working on each assignment. Serene plays calming music that drowns out noise from your surroundings when a session is active. You can acquire a score of your productivity and how many times you were distracted during the week using the built-in analysis section. Serene is available for a monthly fee of $4, and you may try it out for 600 minutes for free.

Get Serene ($4/mo, free trial)

5. HeyFocus

While Serene is really useful, the lack of a Chrome plugin leaves a significant gap. HeyFocus fills in all the gaps and is a powerful Mac focus software. The app sits discreetly in the Menubar, with only a running timer indicating whether it’s time for a rest or work.


HeyFocus allows you to construct weekly calendars that you can start working on by simply pressing a button. Aside from that, the app may be used like a Pomodoro timer to divide your work into 25-minute segments. HeyFocus’ app and website filtering are system-wide, so you won’t need to install any extra browser extensions. The number of quotes HeyFocus displays every time you try to view a restricted website is a small feature that I enjoy, and it’s really encouraging. HeyFocus is a premium app that costs $19 and can be tried for free.

Get HeyFocus ($19, free trial)

6. Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey is the most effective way to break bad habits, and if one of your bad habits is succumbing to distractions, Cold Turkey is the software for you. Block mode and Frozen Turkey are the two modes available in Cold Turkey. The block mode allows you to continue working on your Mac while imposing some limitations. You can effectively eliminate any distractions, such as social media, apps, and so forth. When you want to take a total break from the computer, use the frozen turkey mode. Everything is restricted, and you won’t be able to utilize anything until the session ends.

Cold Turkey

The Mac version of the concentration program includes a statistics area that tracks your usage, as well as the number of times you broke your blocks and looked at distractions. For macOS, Cold Turkey is basically free, but for $19, it adds features like app banning, scheduling, passwords, and device lockout.

Get Cold Turkey (free, $19)

7. Freedom

Even if you block distractions, you still have other devices, which is an unanticipated drawback of the Mac focus apps mentioned above. I’m also easily sidetracked by them. Freedom has an app for every device, and you can sync it with any device to eliminate distractions with a single swipe. Freedom is available for Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android, and it allows you to block websites, disable programs, schedule tasks, play ambient sounds, etc.

Freedom Focus App for Mac

When you want to bury your distractions and get focused, freedom is the final nail in the coffin. It’s free to use, but a Premium subscription costs $2.42 per month and includes extra features like unlimited scheduling, session history, locked mode, and repeating sessions.

Get Freedom (free, $2.42/mo)

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Final Verdict: Best Focus Apps for Mac

These are a handful of the top Mac Focus apps you can use to eliminate distractions from your workday. Haze Over and Forest, for example, keep things light by allowing the user to moderate their impulsive distractions. Serene, Cold Turkey, and HeyFocus, on the other hand, provide stringent filtering capabilities that prohibit websites and apps until your session is done. What are your thoughts? Please notify me via Twitter.

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