8 Best Google Authenticator Alternatives for Android iOS

One of the greatest code generator apps is Google Authenticator, which allows you to complete the two-step verification process while signing in to an online account. What happens if you don’t like this app? Are you aware that there are a number of Google Authenticator alternatives available for Android and iOS? Here are some of the finest Google Authenticator alternatives for android & iOS, along with some additional features you might find useful.

Why Should You Replace Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator is without a doubt one of the most simple and unique two-factor authentication tools for Android and iOS. Nothing is flawless, as they say, and Google Authenticator is no exception. It lacks an app lock, which is one of the most crucial features that users require. Although a third-party app lock for Android can be used to secure it, this is not a popular solution to the problem.

If someone manages to unlock your phone, they can use the app to view the codes. Even if these codes are just temporary, they put things in jeopardy. It’s most likely the main reason you need to hunt for an alternative.

Google Authenticator Alternatives Android & iOS

Before you install these Google Authenticator alternatives on your phone, learn more about their features.

1. Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is one of the greatest Google Authenticator alternatives. Whether you want to use it on an Android or iOS device, it’s completely free. The user interface of this program is uncluttered, with only the most important options for the user’s advantage. When it comes to features, it has cloud backup, app lock, prevent screen capture, autofill, and more. The nicest part is that codes aren’t displayed on the home screen. Users must first touch on the appropriate account to view it.

Authenticator by Microsoft


  • The app can be locked with a passcode, PIN, or biometric data.
  • Password manager built-in
  • Codes on the home screen can be shown or hidden.
  • Backup to the cloud automatically
  • Allow or disallow screen capture

Get Microsoft Authenticator: Android | iOS (Free)

2. Twilio Authy Authenticator

Twilio has long led the 2-factor authentication market, proving to be a superior solution to Google Authenticator. It allows you to add an account by scanning a QR code, manually entering a code, or via zxing (a barcode scanner is required). The most striking characteristic is that even with Google Assistant’s Screen Context option, you can’t take screenshots. Create an account with a mobile number and an email address to get started with this app. After that, there are some options in the settings panel to turn on backup, allow/block multi-device use, and so on.

Twilio Authy Google Authenticator Alternative


  • Fingerprint or PIN lock
  • In the dark mode
  • Backup that is secure (password protected).
  • Use of multiple devices

Get Twilio Authy: Android | iOS (Free)

3. 2FA Authenticator

Another Google Authenticator option for Android and iOS is 2FA Authenticator. It works in the background and saves all codes locally. However, backup can be enabled, allowing users to save tokens to Google Drive. It, like the other apps on this list, allows you to safeguard the app using a password or fingerprint. On the other hand, because it has dark and light settings, you can pick the theme that best suits your needs. It does not read codes from a dedicated barcode scanner., unlike Authy.

2FA Authenticator


  • To secure the app, use an app lock.
  • It keeps tokens on its own computer.
  • Tokens can be backed up on Google Drive.
  • In the dark mode

Get 2FA Authenticator: Android | iOS (Free)

4. LastPass Authenticator

LastPass is a popular password manager app/service and is an alternative to 1Password. Despite the lack of features in the settings panel, consumers receive what they need: a simple UI, PIN or fingerprint lock, and backup. However, there is a disadvantage to this ‘backup’ feature. To use this feature, users must have the LastPass password management software installed on their phones. Aside from that, it appears to be in perfect condition.

LastPass Authenticator


  • To lock the app, it has built-in password protection.
  • Backup that is depending on the app
  • UI that is easy to use

Get LastPass Authenticator: Android | iOS (Free)

5. Aegis Authenticator

Unfortunately, Aegis Authenticator is only available for Android. It’s a Microsoft Authenticator alternative because most of the capabilities are identical to those offered by this program. In addition, you can enable/disable screen capture, biometric unlock, code exhibition on the home screen, and other features. Dark mode, digit grouping, account name search, PIN security, backup, and more features are included. It’s possible to import data from a file and export the vault if you’re switching apps.

Aegis Authenticator


  • In the dark mode
  • Allow or disallow screen capture
  • Biometric/passcode protection
  • Grouping by digits
  • Use the account name as a search term.
  • To copy tokens, tap them.
  • To reveal the token, tap it.
  • Backup to a vault
  • Import/export is simple.

Get Aegis Authenticator for Android (Free)

6. Duo Mobile

At times, you might want to move from Google Authenticator and opt for a similar app due to some reason. If so, Duo Mobile is handy since it offers the same options as Google Authenticator. To put it another way, there is no built-in app lock for consumers. Tokens, on the other hand, can be backed up on Google Drive. You can arrange things up using the Due Restore option in the corresponding settings panel. Temporarily Allow Screenshots is another option. As the name implies, it allows you to easily record app screenshots.

Duo Mobile Google Authenticator Alternative


  • Simple to understand.
  • Backup to Google Drive
  • Allow or disallow screen capture
  • There isn’t a PIN or a biometric lock.

Get Due Mobile: Android | iOS (Free)

7. HENNGE OTP Generator

HENNGE OTP Generator is a simple alternative to Google Authenticator that is exclusively available for iOS. You can use HENNGE OTP Generator on your iPhone, despite the fact that it is not comparable to the majority of the apps on our list. The main difference between Google Authenticator and this software is that it includes a passcode as well as Face ID or Touch ID security. The user interface appears fluid, and the screen is locked nearly instantaneously.

HENNGE OTP Generator


  • Protection using a passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID
  • There is no dark mode.
  • There is no option for a backup.

Get HENNGE OTP Generator‪r for iOS (Free)

8. andOTP: Google Authenticator Alternative

If you have some spare time, andOTP is most likely the best alternative. It has a lot of options to help you secure your account and set everything up. Password protection, Panic Trigger, Re-lock on screen off/when going into the background/on inactivity, Block accessibility services, dark mode, tap to show token, show/hide global timeout bar, backup codes locally are just a few of the notable choices.

andOTP Google Authenticator Alternative


  • There are numerous options available.
  • Biometric/password protection
  • Backup of local tokens
  • To see the token, tap it.
  • Enable or disable Autofill
  • Re-lock in a flash
  • Database that is encrypted

Get andOTP for Android device (Free)

Conclusion: Google Authenticator Alternatives

Google Authenticator is, without a doubt, a reliable two-factor code generator. However, it is vulnerable due to minor weaknesses. It’s at this point that you should have a look at these Google Authenticator alternatives for Android and iOS.

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