How to Download Reddit Videos on Android: 4 Ways

Reddit is a social networking platform with a lot of user-generated material in the form of specialized subreddits like memes, news, hobbies, and so on. I’ve had the desire to save photographs and movies for later viewing so that I may share them with my friends. While the Reddit app allows you to save images by just tapping them. However, after going through this post you will be able to know how to download Reddit videos on Android with sound.

However, it does not allow you to save videos by default. Let’s fix that by showing you how to save Reddit videos to your Android device. The procedure for saving Reddit videos on the iPhone is slightly different and has been discussed separately.

Download Reddit Videos on Android

Here you will find 4 unique methods to download Reddit videos on Android. Each method is works uniquely and differentially, although all are effective and working. Let’s begin.

Method 1. Using Reddit Bot

Reddit bots are amusing little pieces of code that respond to your commands in a number of ways. These bots may do everything from pointing out the battery %age in a message to downloading videos for you. u/savevideo is a bot that allows you to save any video that has been posted to Reddit, with the exception of external links. You can’t download YouTube videos from Reddit if they’re posted as a link.

Step 1: To download a video, go to your Reddit app and open the post that contains the video. Add a comment with u/savevideo and press the Post button.

Download Reddit Videos on Android using bot

Step 2: The bot would send a message with the video URL in a few minutes. To download the video file, tap the link to open a new page with the URL.

Reddit videos download

Step 3: To save the Reddit video to your Android phone, go to the webpage and tap the Download video button. You may be able to download Reddit videos in both high-definition (HD) and low-definition (SD) resolutions.

Reddit Videos on Android

One of the simplest ways to download a video is to use a Reddit bot. However, because the download link can take several minutes to generate and because Reddit frequently prohibits bots, there’s a potential this bot will stop working in the future. You can look for other bots or techniques to save Reddit videos in such a scenario.

Method 2. Using Reddit Video Downloader App

Downloading Reddit videos is easier with a specialized video downloader program, whether you use Reddit’s official app, a third-party client, or simply a browser on a desktop. Viddit is a straightforward yet effective video downloader that allows you to save Reddit videos with audio. Simply use the Share button to share the post with the video, and the program will retrieve, download, and save the video to your phone.

Step 1: Begin by downloading Viddit from the Google Play Store. Open the Reddit post where the video you want to save is located. Select Viddit from Share Buton by tapping the Share icon.

download Reddit Using Reddit Video Downloader App

Step 2: The Viddit software would retrieve the post’s link, process it, and locate the video file. It may take a few seconds to process the video, but once it is, it will automatically store the video on your Android phone.

Viddit video downloader for Reddit

Viddit is a fantastic software for downloading videos from Reddit. It also has the ability to download several videos at the same time.

Method 3. Third-Party Reddit Client App to Download Videos

There are dozens of good third-party clients that offer unique features if you don’t like the original Reddit app. Infinity for Reddit is a simple user interface that allows you to save Reddit videos to your phone with one tap.

Step 1: To begin, download Infinity for Reddit from the Google Play Store. Open the app and look for the video you want to save in a post. Open the video player by tapping the video.

Infinity for Reddit

Step 2: In the top right corner, you’ll see a Download button. To save the Reddit video to your Android phone, tap the button.

Using Reddit Video Downloader App

It’s really simple to store videos using Infinity. You simply hit a button, and the video is saved; however, if you don’t use Reddit frequently and don’t want to install additional software, you can also use a web browser.

Method 4. Download Reddit Videos using Website or Browser

RedditSave is a website that allows you to download videos from Reddit. It’s quick, simple, and doesn’t require any additional software.

Step 1: Open Reddit and copy the post link to download the Reddit video.

Reddit videos download using browser or website

Step 2: Open RedditSave and paste the link you just copied into the box. Then hit the Download button.

Reddit Video Downloader

Step 3: To begin downloading the Reddit video, simply tap the Download Video button. You’ll find the film in the Downloads folder once it’s finished.

Using Reddit Video Downloader App

Wrap Up: How to Download Reddit Videos on Android Mobile

These were four distinct methods for downloading and saving Reddit videos to your Android device. Each approach works uniquely, yet they are all effective. The video link is delivered to your mailbox via the Reddit bot, the downloader software saves the video with a few taps, and third-party clients integrate natively to save videos. Now, do you understand How to Download Reddit Videos on Android? What are your thoughts? Is there a better way to do things? Please notify us via the comments below.

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