How to Share Location on WhatsApp in 5 Simple Steps

The Whatsapp location sharing feature has been one of the most popular. Let’s see how we can make better use of it. Whatsapp is a famous free messaging program that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. It is the most basic of all programs because it can send and receive text messages through WiFi, 4G, 3G, 2G, and EDGE. So, in this write-up we will go through the step by step guide to how to share location on WhatsApp in 5 Simple Steps.

WhatsApp allows you to exchange photos, videos, documents, contacts, and location in addition to text messages. Yes, you read that correctly: Whatsapp allows you to disclose your location. To your contact list or group, you can share your current location as well as your live location. Follow the instructions below if you wish to share the location.

When and How to Share Location on Whatsapp? This app launched a new feature on October 17, 2017, that allows users to share their location with others. You can share your current position, your own location, and nearby popular locations with others using location sharing.

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How to Share Live Location on WhatsApp

Share Live Location is a feature that allows you to share your current location with a friend. It is not possible to share Live Location all of the time because it has three timestamps. 15 minutes, one hour, and eight hours Share Live Location has a fascinating feature in that it will alter your location if you physically move. Your live location will be ended when the timer runs out or you select Stop Sharing. It’s utilized for temporary purposes while you’re traveling or need to let others know where you are.

Send Your Current Location on WhatsApp

Send Your Current Location sends your location at the time when you send it. Once you send this message, it will not track or update the location where you are. It is mainly used to tell your friends that you are in the location. This will be greatly helpful in situations like picking up your friend or knowing the exact location for a meetup.

Share Nearby Places on WhatsApp

Share Nearby Places is a map-like feature that is available on Whatsapp. It is used to send a nearby popular location to your contact. This feature is used to find and share nearby popular locations.

The steps involved in sharing the location are the same for Android and iOS smartphones. The style of the icons may vary according to the devices.

Steps to Share Location on Whatsapp

1: Open the Whatsapp app on your smartphone.

2: Choose the person that you want to share your live location with.

3: Click the Paperclip icon if it is Android smartphones, click the + icon if it is iOS smartphones.

Steps to Share Location on Whatsapp

4: Tap on the Location option. On Android smartphones, the name with an icon appears. On iOS smartphones, the name only appears.

Share your current location on WhatsApp

5: Choose any of the three options. Share Live Location, Share Your Current Location, Share Nearby Places. If you choose to Share Your Current Location or Share Nearby Places, it will directly send a message to your contacts.

6: If you choose to Share Live Location, you need to specify the timestamp and you may or may not give a caption to it. Click the Send button to send the location.

share live location on WhatsApp

Whatsapp can be used on a computer. To do so, you’ll need to link your Whatsapp phone to Whatsapp Web. After connected, you can send and receive messages on your PC, but you won’t be able to share any locations. Whatsapp has its own PC application. However, you cannot share the location from a computer, but you may view the shared location from a computer.

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Final Words – How to Share Location on WhatsApp

That’s all there is to it when it comes to sharing a location on Whatsapp. So, the next time you need to communicate your whereabouts with friends or coworkers, use the steps outlined above to make it simple.

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