How to Use Clubhouse App That’s Blowing up the Internet

If you’ve received a Clubhouse invitation after hastily asking your friends and family, but aren’t sure what to do next, don’t be concerned. I’ve been using it for weeks and have put together a comprehensive guide on how to use the Clubhouse iPhone app. Yes, for the time being, the audio-only drop-in discussion app is only available on iOS.

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How to Use Clubhouse App

1. Inviting Your Friends

The Clubhouse is now invite-only, and if you don’t see an opportunity to invite all of your friends, that’s on purpose. After you’ve actively started using the app, you’ll be able to send invites to your pals. It implies that you must join rooms, participate in chats, and build your own rooms. You’ll start receiving invites as you use the app more and more, which you can send out to your pals.

Invite page in the Clubhouse app

To send an invitation, you’ll need the recipient’s phone number, so you can send an SMS with the invitation code. Email addresses are not permitted.

2. Finding People in Clubhouse App

You can quickly discover folks on Clubhouse because it is a real-identity networking software. You can enable your contacts and link your social media networks to easily uncover mutual and followers, in addition to looking for people using their names and usernames.

Simply enable contact access in Settings, and people should appear on your Home Screen.

Contacts settings in Clubhouse

Simply tap your Avatar in the upper right corner and select “Add Twitter” and “Add Instagram” to link your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Connect Twitter and Instagram to Clubhouse

3. Changing Interests

Clubhouse asks you to pick interests when you initially establish an account so that it can recommend clubs and rooms that are relevant to you. You’d probably pick a few at random and go on. The good news is that you can update or add new hobbies to your Home feed to discover new spaces.

To modify your interests, go to the top right corner of your screen and tap your Profile avatar, then the Settings icon.

Profile page in Clubhouse

The Interests tab is where you’ll find it. To see all the available categories, tap. You can select any number of hobbies, and once you’ve finished, simply return to save your selections.

Change interests in clubhouse settings

4. Create an Event in Clubhouse App

It’s quite easy to create a Room in Clubhouse. You can join the show by pressing the “Start a Room” button. Creating an event, on the other hand, allows you to book a session for a later date and time. Begin by tapping the top-left Bulletin button, which resembles a calendar icon. In the top right corner, tap the New Event button.

Create a new event

You may now name your event, add a co-host, choose a date, and write a description for it. After that, you can send a direct link to your friends or post the event link on Twitter. Clubhouse will give you a reminder when the event is about to begin, and you can then start the room.

Create an event in Clubhouse

5. Share Room Links

When you create an event, you get the sharing link immediately away, but what if you want to share a room that was made by someone else? That’s also simple. When you’re in a room, hit the bottom + button and choose the Share option. To transmit the Clubhouse Room link to your friends, select any app from the Share sheet.

Share a room link in the clubhouse

This method also works if you’ve made your own room and want to share the link with others.

6. Start a Club

Clubs are a type of event that you may hold for your audience on a regular basis to help you grow your following. Because Clubhouse is still in its early stages, you can only have one club per individual, but you can join as many as you want. If you want to start your own club, you must fill out a form on Airtable, which will be accepted within a few days.

Apply for a club

7. Save Important Events

You can save an event on your Calendar app if you find an interesting event on Clubhouse that won’t start for a few hours or days. Apple and Google Calendar connection is included in the app. You can make a reminder using any of these options. Select Add to Calendar from the drop-down menu after tapping the event you want to save.

Add an event to the Calendar

You can also hit the bell icon next to the event to be notified of any impending events by the moderators of that room, but I rarely do so. Because Clubhouse automatically follows everyone on your behalf, I’d be receiving notifications that I didn’t need.

8. Moderate Effectively

When you host a room, it is your job to maintain the chat room civil and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to express themselves. As a result, as a moderator, Clubhouse grants you more powers. You can mute someone, send them to the audience, have someone from the audience speak for them, remove them from the room, block them, and report them.

Simply tap a speaker’s profile and tap the mic button next to their profile picture to mute them. Long-press the person’s avatar and select the appropriate action for all subsequent actions.

Moderator actions

9. Raise Hands to Speak

If you’re in a room and want to express your want to talk, raise your hand, and the moderators will decide whether to let you speak. To send a notification, simply hit the raised hand button; however, don’t abuse the button because every time you press it, the mods will receive a notification, which could result in a kick from the room.

Raised hand in Clubhouse app

10. Change Username

When you create your Clubhouse account, you must choose a unique username that will be associated with your account. You can change your username on the app itself if you want to. To access your profile page, tap your avatar in the top right corner.

To update your username, simply tap it. Keep in mind that you can only do it once, so keep that in mind. You can only alter your name once, just like your username.

Change the username

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Conclusion: How to Use Clubhouse App

These are all the details you should be aware of before diving headfirst into the Clubhouse app. Rather than a chat room, it’s more like a professional podcast with interactive features. You may also like 15 Best iOS 14 Third Party Widgets for Your iPhone.

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