10 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

Live images are a terrific way to capture genuine candid moments, and they may even be used as iPhone wallpaper. While live photographs make fantastic interactive wallpaper, it’s understandable that not every image would appear as wonderful. That is why the App Store has Live Wallpaper apps, and here are some of the top Live Wallpaper apps for iPhone that provide clean and gorgeous live backgrounds. Let’s get started.

How to set Live Photo as a Live Wallpaper?

Let’s talk about the native technique of setting Live images as the wallpaper before we go into the apps. Open the Photos app and go through the albums for a Live photo. On the top left corner of the photo, you should notice a Live Photo indicator.

Tap the share button in the lower-left corner to make this photo your background. From the Share Sheet, select “Use as Wallpaper.”

set Live Photo as a Live Wallpaper

To set the wallpaper on the Lock Screen, make sure the Live Photo button is turned on and then hit the Set button. After you’ve chosen your wallpaper, tap and hold the lock screen to see it come to life. Any Live Photo or GIF can be set as a Live Wallpaper using the same way.

set Live Photo as lock screen on iPhone

Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

Let’s get started with some most popular live wallpaper apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. Kappboom

Kappboom is a one-stop-shop where you can find high-resolution iPhone wallpapers. Whether you have an iPhone XR or an iPhone 12 small, you may find wallpapers that properly fit the screen. The program includes roughly 200,000 wallpapers in its database, but the number of Live wallpapers is limited. There are approximately 40 high-quality wallpapers available. You can find cityscapes, monuments with time-lapse, auroras, and abstract objects doing their own thing as live wallpapers.

Kappboom Live Wallpaper App for iPhone

Even while I love the quality of the wallpapers, I would have preferred to browse the Live Wallpapers database by category. The program is free to download in either case, and you can pay for a subscription if you want to use it for more than just Live wallpapers. The number of Live Wallpapers you get is more than 40.

Get Kappboom (free, in-app purchases)

2. Live Wallpaper Maker

Another fantastic application is Live Wallpaper Maker, which provides a unique collection of Live Wallpapers for your iPhone. On the left pane of the program, there are neatly categorized sections where you can browse your favorite type of Live Wallpaper. Sports, Abstract, Cars, Nature, Space, Animals, Urban, Holiday, and more categories are among them.

Live Wallpaper maker for iPhone

You can make your own Live Wallpapers using existing videos on your iPhone, in addition to Live Wallpaper. Simply choose a video, reduce it in size, and save it as a Live Wallpaper. Another unique aspect of this software worth mentioning is ASMR. You’ll have access to interactive panels that mimic real-life textures like slime, confetti, and glitter, among other things. The app requires a membership, but you can sample out a few wallpapers during the trial time before committing.
Number of Live Wallpapers: 100+

Get Live Wallpaper Maker (free, in-app purchases)

3. Zedge Wallpapers

Zedge has been active for over a decade and is known for providing high-quality wallpapers and ringtones. The program includes icon packs, a ringtone creator, and a large selection of live wallpapers. There are no categories to help you filter down the results, but you can look for them using the search bar. The best aspect about Zedge is that they use certified producers to curate the wallpaper list, which dramatically expands the number of wallpapers available.

Zedge Live Wallpapers for iPhone

There are a wide variety of live wallpapers available, ranging from abstract to surreal. The Live Wallpapers are not free, despite the fact that the app is. Each Live Wallpaper costs 10 Zedge credits, which you can buy in bulk through in-app purchases or earn by watching ads.

Number of Live Wallpapers: 500+

Get Zedge Wallpapers (free, in-app purchases)

4. Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers

I’m a big fan of the Edge illumination on Samsung phones and wanted to make something similar. Edge Lighting Live Wallpaper does precisely that; when you tap and hold the lock screen, it creates a Live Wallpaper that resembles an Edge lighting effect.

Edge lighting live wallpapers

Choose from pre-made settings or make your own Live wallpaper with four distinct colors, varied speeds, and configurable rounded corners. You may save the Live Wallpaper to the Photos app and set it as a Wallpaper once you’re satisfied with the preview. The software is free to download, but if you want to save the live wallpaper to your Photos app, you’ll have to pay $5.49.

Number of Live Wallpapers: 1 (multiple variations)

Get Edge Lighting Live Wallpapers (free, in-app purchases)

5. Gravity Fluid Slime Simulator

This program is more of an interactive simulator in which you may experiment with various slimes, fluid colors, and circular objects. There are a total of 15 distinct simulators from which you can make Live Wallpaper. If you choose the Slime, for example, you may start filming a brief clip and save it to your Photos app as a Live Photo.

Gravity fluid slime simulator for iPhone

Gravity Fluid Slime Simulator is a free program, however, if you want to make Live Wallpaper, you’ll need to pay $4.99 per month for a membership.

Number of Live Wallpapers: 15 (multiple variations)

Get Gravity Fluid Slime Simulator (free, in-app purchases)

6. Black- Live Wallpapers

Black, as the name suggests, provides high-quality Live Wallpaper based on a dark theme. It offers roughly 30 different Live wallpapers, some of which are special to the Apple iPhone. For example, each iPhone features a unique collection of Live Wallpapers that aren’t available on all iPhones, such as the Live Wallpapers on the iPhone 12 Pro vs the Live Wallpapers on the iPhone 11.

Black live wallpapers app for iPnone

Not to mention that each Live Wallpaper has been carefully crafted and looks fantastic on the iPhone 12’s OLED screen. Black is a premium program that costs $1, however, you can sample out some free wallpapers by downloading Black Lite.

Number of Live Wallpapers: 30+

Get Black – Live Wallpapers ($1)

7. Live Wallpapers for iPhone

This program is one of my faves because it has a basic layout that focuses on browsing and finding high-quality wallpapers, it’s free, and it offers extensive categorizations. It also features a large collection of wallpapers that are simply stunning.

Live wallpapers for iphone

Instead of scrolling aimlessly, you can narrow down your results by tapping a tag or searching for a suitable tag. Needless to say, you will be able to locate a Live Wallpaper that suits your tastes, no matter how obscure it may be. Furthermore, the program is absolutely free and only contains advertisements.

Number of Live Wallpapers: 1000+

Get Live Wallpapers for iPhone (free)

8. Paper- Live Wallpapers

Paper has a beautiful collection of UHD Live Wallpapers for your iPhone. With over 4000 Live Wallpapers to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, but by browsing through each category, you may quickly select the right wallpaper. Nature, abstract, anime, animals, gaming, relationship, film, simple, and other themes are included.

paper live wallpapers app

The wallpaper library is always being updated, so you’ll be getting fresh stuff every day. Although the app is free, some of the wallpapers are behind a paywall that may be unlocked for $8.49 per year.

Number of Wallpapers: 4000+

Get Paper – Live Wallpapers (free, in-app purchases)

9. Wallpapers Central

Wallpapers Central has long been a favorite of mine because they’re the only place where you can get unique Apple Wallpapers. In addition, Wallpapers Central is a great place to go if you’re seeking for iOS 14 wallpapers or iPhone SE wallpapers. The software has every single Live Wallpaper of every iPhone released with a collection of Live Wallpapers. Magsafe animations, special wallpapers, and a slew of originals are all included.

wallpapers central for iphone

Wallpapers Central Pro members have access to Live Wallpapers, and the Pro subscription costs $4.49 for three months or $14.99 for the rest of your life.

Number of Wallpapers: 100+

Get Wallpapers Central (free, in-app purchases)

10. Alive

Alive is a Live Wallpaper software that features a hand-selected assortment of wallpapers selected by the editorial team. Amazing wallpapers may be found in 12 various categories, including entertainment, animals, motorsport, style, flags, cities, and more. In addition to the existing collection, the software allows you to build your own Live wallpapers.

alive Wallpaper App for iPhone

It is divided into two sections: one where you may make Live Wallpapers from your own films, and another where you can make Live Wallpapers using pre-made designs. There are more than 200 layouts to pick from, with new content being uploaded on a daily basis. Alive is free with restricted features, but you may access all of them by paying $3.49 per week for a subscription.

Number of Live Wallpapers: 250+ (200+ additional templates)

Get Alive (free, in-app purchases)

Which is your Favorite Live Wallpaper App for iPhone?

These are a few Live Wallpaper apps for iPhone that provide high-quality content and don’t overlap too much with one other. Wallpapers Central, for example, is wonderful for exclusive Apple Wallpapers, Alive is for generating your own wallpapers from existing designs, and Live Wallpapers has a large library, among other apps. So, which app was your favorite? Please notify me via Twitter.

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