Sky Go Review: Everything you need to know

Sky Go is a Sky-owned online television streaming service. Anyone can choose an on-demand subscription for endless entertainment instead of paying for cable TV. It not only allows you to cut the cord, but it is also the most effective solution to eliminate your monthly cable TV subscription fee. Let’s start the Sky Go review.

Like satellite TV, online streaming services provide a large selection of TV series and movies. It gets the most out of it and is an excellent choice if you want to view anything from anywhere. If you have a Skybox or are currently a Sky TV subscriber, Sky Go is a great way to expand your entertainment options. Moreover, in this Sky Go review i have covered all the topics you may need to know.

What is Sky Go? you need to know

Sky Go is a well-known online TV streaming service from Sky. It is a complimentary service provided to all Sky subscribers. Those Sky domestic customers who have at least a Sky Starter subscription can utilize Sky Go for free. You can watch all of your favorite Sky TV programs on the go.

Sky Go has a lot of features and can stream for hours. As a result, you’ll never miss out on any Sky programming, such as blockbuster movies, live sports, exclusive events, and more. With the Sky Go app, you can access hundreds of on-demand titles and catch-up shows.

Aside from that, Sky Go subscribers have access to over 80 full seasons, binge-worthy shows, and more.

Features of Sky Go

  1. The redefined interface of the Sky Go app gives the best of TV watching If you have an active internet or Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Sky Go supports streaming hundreds of free-to-air live as well as catch-up channels like Channel 4, ITV, etc.
  3. Over time, it will learn what you like in Sky Go review and gives personalized recommendations that can be accessed from any device.
  4. Start streaming the highest-rated shows of all time on IMDb from Sky Atlantic.
  5. With Sky Go Extra, the users can download any shows and watch it when in no internet connectivity.
  6. Stream your favourite matches and keep up to date with EFL, Premier League, etc, with Sky Sports subscription.
  7. With the subscription to Sky Cinema, the users can watch hit movies in high-quality on your device at any time.
  8. If you have Sky Q box, then you can access Sky Q features on the Sky Go app. Make sure to connect the box and Sky Go app to the same Wi-Fi.

Sky Go Compatible Devices

Like other online streaming apps, Sky Go also supports different operating systems. They are as follows

What is Sky Go? you need to know Extra?

Sky Go allows you to register up to two devices at the same time. Sky Go Extra, a paid edition, is recommended if you wish to watch it on many screens. It comes with a plethora of additional functions. You will find out more in this Sky Go review in proceeding paragraphs.

What is Sky Go? you need to know, Users can register up to four devices with Sky Go Extra. It allows you to download and watch TV series and episodes from any device at any time. It’s worth noting that the downloaded materials will be available for 30 days after they’ve been downloaded. Sky Go Extra is a monthly membership service that you can cancel at any moment.

How to Setup Sky Go?

As it is available for multiple platforms, the section below guides you with the setup procedure on different platforms.

Setup Sky Go on Android/ iOS/ Amazon Fire Tablet

  • Android devices with OS v4.1 and above
  • iPhone or iPad with 9 or higher
  • Amazon Fire Tablet with Fire OS 3.3 and above
  • Open Play Store/App Store/Amazon App Store on the respective device.

1: Download the Sky Go app from the respective App Store.

2: Launch it after the download and sign in with the Sky ID to start using its features.

Setup Sky Go on PC Windows/PC

Windows PC 7/8.1/10 with Intel Core i3 or equivalent AMD and 4 GB RAM
Mac OS X 10.9 or higher with Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB RAM

1. Visit the Sky Go official website using the web browser

Visit the Sky Go official website using the web browser

2. Click on the Sign-in or Sign Up button to login or create an account with Sky Go

Click on the Sign-in or Sign Up button to login or create an account with Sky Go

3. Access the free features of Sky Go on Windows or Mac PC

Setup Sky Go on PlayStation 3/4 Requirements:

  • PS 3/4 with active PS network account
  • Minimum of 250MB
  • Sky id and password
  • Sky account with Sky Go Extra
  • Sign in to Sky Go using mobile or PC

1: You should sign in to PlayStation Network

2: Select TV & Video option and press the down arrow

3: Choose TV from Sky. Then Press X

Choose TV from Sky. Then Press X

4: Click the Download option and tap on X

5: Press the PS Button and wait for the download

6: Sky Go will complete the downloading process and will install on your PS

7: Go to the TV & Video section and use the down arrow to select Sky

8: Click on the Sign-in screen and enter Sky iD and password. Hit the submit button

9: Tap on the OK button after the confirmation message

Setup Sky Go on Xbox 360/ One Requirement:

1: Sign in to Xbox Live and launch Video Marketplace/ Xbox One apps

2: Select Sky tile and then click A on the controller

3: Choose the storage location. For instance, the Xbox hard drive

4: Click on the Download/Install option. Press A to launch the Sky TV app

With this, you can start streaming Sky Go on Xbox 360/Xbox One

How to Watch Live TV on Sky Go?

Follow the same s to watch live TV on Sky Go from phone/tablet/browser.

1: Launch Sky Go app and click on the Menu icon from the top-left

2: Then select TV Guide on the left

3: Choose a category to stream Sky Go videos

4: Select a video to play and click the Play button

5: To record a program, tap on the Record button

Note: If you’re going to watch live TV on your gaming console, you’ll need Sky Go Extra. It’s available on the My Account page. Select TV from the Sky app’s TV & Video section. Click Sky with the down arrow. To watch live TV, select On-Now and then press X to select a channel.

How to Watch On-Demand on Sky Go?

Follow the s below to watch Sky Go On-Demand

1: Open the Sky Go app on your device

2: Click on the Menu icon from the top left

3: Select Catch UP/Sky Box Sets/Sky Cinema

4: Filter categories and choose TV show/movie

5: Click the Play button to start watching Sky Go contents

Wrapping Up: Sky Go Review

Sky Go is a one-of-a-kind internet service for viewing Sky programming. You can watch your favorite live TV, on-demand, and catch-up shows all in one app. Sky Go allows you to watch 200+ channels, Sky Sports, and Sky Movies. Sky Go is a fantastic addition to any Sky TV or Sky bundle. Even if you don’t have a Sky subscription, you can use Sky Go Extra to stream any Sky content.

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