Strong VPN Review: A Detailed Guide

Strong VPN is one of the best VPNs on the market, with over 60,000 IP addresses.
Strong VPN is one of the most well-known VPN providers. They are based in the United States and offer outstanding service to their clients using protocols such as VPN, PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP. Strong VPN review shows that it is compatible with all major platforms and can unblock Netflix and Hulu, making it ideal for viewing. They did, however, have some troubles in the past. In order to overcome it, they implemented a number of adjustments and enhancements in 2018. Is keeping up with the competition in the VPN business enough? To learn more, read the Strong VPN review given below.

Strong VPN

Overview of Strong VPN

Jurisdiction United States of America
Simultaneous Connections12
Torrenting Yes
Encryption Protocols Open VPN, L2TP, SSTP, IPSec and IKEv2
Supported Platforms Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Fire TV Stick, Routers
Live Chat SupportYes


  • Bypasses The Great Firewall of China
  • Supports 12 devices at once
  • Zero logs policy
  • Unblocks Netflix


  • Updates user-interface
  • Based in the USA
  • Advanced security features are missing
  • Very low servers


Strong Technology, LLC originally introduced the Strong VPN in 2005. It is headquartered in the United States, which is one of the five-eyes surveillance alliance’s core members. The United States is one of the countries that collaborate with a group of others to gather and share various types of data. We can safely say that the United States is one of the worst areas to set up a VPN server.

Strong VPN review, on the other hand, claims to be a no-logs VPN. It indicates they don’t collect or sell user information to anyone else. Despite the fact that Strong VPN complies with lawful subpoena requests, they are unable to release user data that is not stored on their servers.

Strong VPN – Supported Devices

Here are the devices supported by Strong VPN.

Mobile PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Amazon Kindle
Desktop Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux
Streaming Devices Firestick
Browser ExtensionsGoogle Chrome
Other Devices Routers, Kodi, Chromium OS

As you can see, Strong VPN works with all the major operating systems. Native apps will be available for Windows, Android, macOS, Fire OS, and iOS. For other devices, you’ll need to manually configure Strong VPN using the instructions on the official website. When it comes to online browsers, it offers extensions just for Google Chrome. You must use the native app on your smartphone for other web browsers.
At the same time, the Google Chrome extension acts as a proxy, allowing you to access blocked websites. It lacks capabilities that would provide you with protection, unlike a real VPN program.

Strong VPN Supported Devices

Strong VPN must be installed on the router to cover unsupported devices. It also enables you to safeguard all of your household devices at the same time. If you use Kodi, you can utilize Strong VPN’s specific add-on to unblock media material.

Strong VPN has a unique feature in that it may be utilized on up to 12 devices at the same time. Even top-tier VPNs like Express VPN, NordVPN, and others lack this capability.

Strong VPN Server Locations

StrongVPN has 950+ servers spread across 35 countries. It is insufficient if you are a seasoned VPN user. At the same time, when compared to other VPN companies, it is extremely low. Even with ordinary VPNs, you may find at least 1000+ servers.

Despite the fact that StrongVPN owns its own servers, it does not have any in Indonesia, Argentina, China, Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, or any other country. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States all have city-level options.

StrongVPN’s main feature is that its servers include over 60,000 IP addresses.

Does Strong VPN work in China?

Yes. In China, StrongVPN can be installed and used. It contains capabilities that allow it to bypass China’s Great Firewall. If you live in China, you can use StrongVPN to access blocked content and services such as YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and others.

Strong VPN may also be utilized in countries with strict censorship, such as Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran, thanks to the obfuscation features.

Pricing and Payment Options

1 Month $10
12 Month (1 Year)$69.99 (billed $5.83/month)

There are just two subscription tiers available from Strong VPN. You will be charged $10 when you join up for the monthly plan. Purchasing the annual plan, on the other hand, will save you 42 percent of your money. You’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee on both programs.

Pricing packages

Strong VPN only accepts three alternative payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card, and Alipay. One of Strong VPN’s significant flaws is the unavailability of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. When we contacted customer service, we learned that if you discontinue the subscription during the first 30-days, your money will be repaid immediately.

Logging Policy

Strong VPN says that it does not collect or share any information about its users. However, its privacy policy states that they will keep track of the user’s email address, payment information, and billing address. They do not, however, log additional information such as connection timestamps, VPN server selection, or bandwidth transferred.

Logging Policy

We checked the Strong VPN for IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks, just like we did with other VPNs. We didn’t observe any leaks during the test. Because it is based in the United States, you may expect complete data security.

Overall, Strong VPN is not completely anonymous, and it is not recommended for those concerned about their privacy

Torrenting and streaming with Strong VPN

StrongVPN is capable of unblocking Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS, and a few other streaming providers. Simultaneously, we are unable to unblock services such as iPlayer, Prime Video, NBC, HBO, and Disney+. StrongVPN does not provide dedicated streaming servers. As a result, unblocking a geo-restriction service appears to be a difficult task.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can watch US Netflix material on any of the US servers. P2P, on the other hand, is allowed on all servers, and you can download torrent files from any of them. Because it originates in the United States, your privacy will be compromised while downloading the illicit torrent files.

Ease of Use

After you’ve signed up with Strong VPN, you may download the VPN app from the store or the website. If you can’t find the app for your device, configure the service, as we mentioned earlier.

When you first open the program, you’ll get a simple home screen with the standard connection information. You can connect to the server location using the ‘Best Available Location‘ option. On the screen, a list of supported nations and cities will show. You may also look for the server using the search button. To connect to the server, simply press the ‘Connect‘ button after selecting it. The Connect button will change to ‘Disconnect’ once the connection has been established.

List of supported nations and cities

You may access the limited settings menu by touching the cogwheel icon in the top right corner, which includes Options, Protocol, Information, Diagnostics, and Updates.

The kill-switch menu can be enabled or disabled in the settings section. You can switch between multiple protocols for your connection in the Protocol sections. You can use the information to access your account information, change your password, and more.

In the Diagnostics area, everything you do with StrongVPN will be saved as a text document. If you become stuck with the app, customer service will request the diagnostic data saved in that part. The final component, “Updates,” allows you to check/update the software to the most recent version.

Overall, StrongVPN provides a user-friendly layout that allows all types of users to utilize the app without difficulty. The smartphone app, on the other hand, is missing the most critical feature: an automatic kill switch.

Encryption and Security

StrongVPN employs superior 256-bit AES encryption, which is the industry’s strongest encryption. You’ll also have protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, WireGuard, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP in addition to the robust encryption.

When there is a loss of internet connection, the Kill switch feature offers high-level protection. None of your online traffic will be routed through third-party servers because StrongVPN has its own DNS servers. However, not all servers support the OpenVPN protocol. The majority of servers still employ the antiquated PPTP protocol.

WireGuard is a new protocol that was recently introduced by the developers. It is, however, only available as a beta version.

Strong VPN’s Performance & Speed

Strong VPN review shows that it is critical to evaluate the speed and performance of any VPN before making a decision. As a result, we put Strong VPN to the test with a variety of tests to see how well it performs. We did this with the help of Ookl’s speed-test network. It’s critical to assess our usual connection speed before connecting to the VPN. It will assist us in determining performance once we have established a VPN connection.

We received 91.54 Mbps for downloads and 87.24 Mbps for uploads while testing our 100 Mbps connection. The VPN was then connected to a UK server and the speed was evaluated. Upload speeds were 80.63 Mbps and 76.48 Mbps, respectively. Our connection speed has been slowed by about 10% to 12%.

The StrongVPN was then put to the test by connecting to the Germany server. Download speeds were 68.49 Mbps and upload speeds were 56.47 Mbps.

We put the results in a simple table to make them easier to understand.

Without VPN 91.54 Mbps87.24 Mbps
UK Server 80.63 Mbps76.48 Mbps
Germany Server 68.49 Mbps56.47

While testing, we also experienced high latency between the servers. Hence, it is not ideal for gaming users. Since the upload speed was too fast, the torrenters can use this VPN. The connection time is also pretty good. It took only 7-10 seconds to connect with the server.

Strong VPN Customer Support

Like other VPN services, you’ll have access to live chat assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any questions or issues you might have. Even though the response time is slow, they are extremely helpful. Email help is also available if you prefer to send your questions via email. However, they will react to your inquiry within 24 to 48 hours.

Strong VPN Customer Support

You’ll also find valuable setup directions for a variety of systems, as well as troubleshooting tips, video tutorials, screenshots, and FAQs on their website to answer your questions. The FAQ area of your app allows you to answer all of your app’s basic questions. When you have technical issues with Strong VPN, the troubleshooting manuals are also quite helpful. Despite offering several ways to get help, Customer support is not up to the mark.

Final Remarks: Strong VPN Review

Despite the fact that Strong VPN lacks advanced security measures, it excels at the basics. Strong VPN Review: It is an excellent alternative for users because of its zero-logs policy, 12-simultaneous connections, and ability to penetrate China’s Great Firewall. However, it is not suitable for advanced VPN users due to reasons such as US jurisdiction, limited server locations, and an outdated privacy policy. To put it another way, Strong VPN may not be suitable for all users, but it is still a fantastic VPN to use.

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