7 Best Third-Party App Uninstallers for Mac

Have you ever wondered why deleting a program from your Mac is so simple? That’s because the usual technique doesn’t get rid of app leftovers, which can quickly fill up your storage. Because upgrading the storage on a Mac computer is difficult, you’ll need to take some careful steps to make room for additional data. These third-party app uninstallers for Mac help you eliminate all the cache files, logs, and other registered files that aren’t destroyed when you transfer an app to the Bin.

Why Do You Need a Third-Party App Uninstallers on Mac?

If you want to thoroughly uninstall a program on your Mac, you’ll need to use a third-party app uninstaller. Everything is achievable with a regular third-party program remover for macOS, from uninstalling unneeded apps to eliminating hidden ones.

On macOS, there are two main reasons why you should delete an app completely:

  • Let’s pretend you’ve got an ancient 256GB MacBook. You must have used up much of the storage over the years. If you wish to store more files right now, there are a few options, one of which is to delete the app’s leftovers.
  • Assume you’ve installed software, but it’s not working properly on your PC. Because “reinstallation” is always a viable option, most consumers use it to resolve frequent program issues. It’s possible that deleting the cache, logs, and other system files before reinstalling the software would not solve your problem.

If you believe these two arguments are sufficient for a macOS third-party app uninstaller, go ahead and follow one of these.

Third-Party App Uninstallers for Mac

To discover the best app uninstaller for you, go through all of the options listed below.

1. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X has a lot of features, such as a system junk cleaner, mail attachment cleaner, malware removal, software uninstaller, and so on. The Uninstaller area has a lot of categories, so you won’t have to spend much time there. It organizes all installed apps into categories such as vendors/developers, sources, and so on. In addition, if you already deleted an app, but some cache files remain on your device, you can delete them.

CleanMyMac X for Mac


  • There are numerous options available.
  • A simple user interface
  • Find uninstalled apps
  • Separator for apps based on their sources
  • App Store apps are no longer available.


  • Additional animation that takes longer

Get CleanMyMac X (Free, $34.99)

2. CCleaner: Third-Party App Uninstaller Mac

CCleaner doesn’t have as many functions as CleanMyMac X, but it gets the job done just fine. It gathers all third-party apps in one location, allowing you to delete anything in a matter of seconds. CCleaner also has options for removing apps from startup, finding huge files, finding duplicate files, removing cookies, and deleting Recent Documents/Servers/Places/Applications, among other things. It contains two tabs: one for system management and the other for clearing browser cache, cookies, and history, among other things.

CCleaner for Mac


  • Start the app uninstaller.
  • Locator for large files
  • Find duplicate files
  • Browsers should be reset.


  • There is no way to delete the cache that is included.
  • Only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are supported.

Get CCleaner (free, $24.95)

3. AppCleaner

If you’re in a rush, AppCleaner is definitely the best alternative for you, thanks to its more focused capabilities and user interface. For app selection and other operations, it employs a drag-and-drop mechanism. To put it another way, you must drag the Chrome icon onto the AppCleaner window to uninstall Google Chrome. After that, it looks for the files linked with the app. You can then remove them all at once.

AppCleaner for Mac App Uninstaller


  • There are no complicated options.
  • Drag and drop functionality is simple to use.
  • A search engine for apps is included.
  • Option to delete or keep a particular software file
  • Removes widgets and plugins
  • It doesn’t have any significant flaws.

Get AppCleaner (free)

4. AppZapper

AppZapper and AppCleaner both utilize the same mechanism. To uninstall the app and remove all connected files, simply drag the app icon to the AppZapper window. It has a panel where you may look for the installed app. The best part is that you can sort apps based on their size, last used date, and name. It does, however, have a big drawback in that it displays all other files even when you drag a single app into the AppZapper window.

AppZapper Third-Party App Uninstallers Mac


  • Drag and drop is a simple way.
  • Look for the app based on its size.
  • Look for the app based on the last time it was used.
  • Uninstalling apps with a single click


  • There is no way to delete individual software files.
  • There is no possibility to select files before they are removed.

5. App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Despite the fact that it removes all remnants, you have the option of selecting which files to delete and which to keep (if any). It generates a list of software from all sources, including the Mac App Store, just like the rest of the utilities. It also allows you to handle all launch programs, browser extensions, previously uninstalled software files, and so forth. There’s also a Default Apps area where you can select the default program for opening a specific file.

 App Cleaner & Uninstaller fo macOS


  • Option to keep or delete files manually
  • Expert mode is available.
  • Manager of startup apps
  • Manager of browser extensions
  • Delete the files from previously uninstalled programs.
  • Select your default apps.


  • There isn’t a one-click app removal option.

6. AppDelete

AppDelete is a third-party software uninstaller for Mac that works well as a replacement for AppZapper and AppCleaner. It does, however, start with a drag-and-drop box that allows you to transfer an app to the AppDelete window to start the uninstall process. Other capabilities include an app finder, Genius search, Orphans, and so on. Genius search will help you locate all of the apps you haven’t used in the last six months. Orphans help you find all leftovers from apps that you used to have on your Mac computer.

Appdelete for mac PC


  • Apps from various sources are included here.
  • Delete any remaining files from the app that was previously uninstalled.
  • Look for apps that aren’t being used.
  • Files can be kept or deleted.
  • Only logs can be deleted.


  • There isn’t a one-click uninstall option for apps.

Get AppDelete (free trial, $7.99)

7. Remove-It

The Ghost Mode, which is only accessible in the paid/pro edition of Remove-It, is a vital function. If you enable this function, it will run in the background whenever you delete an app, saving you time from having to go through all of the settings to delete logs, cache, and so on. You may uninstall an app by dragging it to the Remove-It window, which will show you all of the files related to it.

Remove it Third-Party App Uninstallers Mac


  • Ignore list and blocklist
  • The phantom mode

Apps, widgets, plugins, and lost files (leftovers from previously uninstalled apps) are among the options for finding apps, widgets, and plugins.


  • There isn’t a one-click uninstall option for apps.
  • Displays apps such as Audio MIDI Setup, Activity Monitor, etc.

Get Remove-It (free, €9)

How to Uninstall Apps and Delete Leftover Files Using App Uninstaller?

You can use AppCleaner, a feature-rich and free program uninstaller for Mac, even though different apps have different processes to follow. Here are the specific methods for uninstalling an app and deleting all residual files.

1: Launch the AppCleaner application on your Mac.

2: There are two methods for choosing an app. You can start by using the drag-and-drop method. Second, you can extend the list of installed apps and select an app from there. In either case, you’ll see all of the files linked with the app you’ve chosen.

3: Select all of the files and then click the Remove button.

Remove app leftovers on mac using AppCleaner

4: To complete the deletion, enter your passcode.

Final Remarks: Best Third-Party Mac App Uninstallers

AppCleaner is a free alternative if you don’t want to spend money on it. Spending a little cash, on the other hand, will give you additional options. Furthermore, software like CleanMyMac X or CCleaner might help you free up a lot of space.

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