15 Best iOS 14 Third Party Widgets for Your iPhone

With the release of iOS 14, customizing the Home Screen has never been easier. As a result, widget apps for iPhone exploded in popularity within the first week of iOS’s release. I’m here to assist you to figure out which iOS 14 third party widgets for your iPhone. Let’s take a look at some top iPhone widget apps.

How to Add Third-Party Widgets on iOS 14

It’s simple to add a widget to the Home Screen. To enter the jiggle mode, simply tap and hold anywhere on the Home Screen, then tap the Plus button in the top left corner. You’ll see a list of all the widgets that you can use. Simply scroll through the various sizes and tap Add Widget when you locate the one you want. You may also read this detailed explanation on how to set up Widgets on your iPhone.

Best Third-Party Widgets for iPhone

1. FlipClock: Widget

While the Clock widget comes preloaded on iPhones running iOS 14, it has two major flaws: it sometimes displays the incorrect time, and it only displays an analog clock. FlipClock is a simple way to add a digital clock to your Home Screen as a widget. Small and medium versions of the FlipClock widget are available. It’s also completely free.

FlipClock Third-Party Widgets iPhone

Install FlipClock (free)

2. Usage: Third-Party Widget iPhone

Usage is an informational widget for your iOS Home Screen that allows you to display essential information. The program has a number of widgets that display data such as active RAM consumption, storage, data utilized, network speeds, and so on. If you’re a power user who needs information at a glance, this widget is a must-have. The Usage app is free, but you’ll have to pay $2 to activate all the functions.

Usage Third-Party Widgets for iPhone

Install Usage (free, in-app purchases)

3. Watch Pet: Widget

Watch Pets is a game akin to the popular pet rocks of the 1970s, in which you care for an inanimate object as a pet. You can construct a digital avatar of a pet and take care of its needs in this software. You take care of them by feeding them, playing with them, and providing them with water. The widget is a cute photo of your pet and what they’re doing that sits on your home screen. When your pet falls asleep, the widget updates and displays an image of your sleeping pet. Taking care of this virtual pet is a lot of fun.

Watch Pet is a free app on the App Store.

 Watch Pet Widget

Install Watch Pet (free)

4. Noted: Third-Party Widgets iPhone

The next app is a robust note-taking application that now includes an iOS 14 widget. From the Home Screen, you can easily check your notes and even start recording with a single press thanks to the widget. The widgets can be customized to your liking so that only relevant notes are displayed. Noted is available for download for free, however, it requires a $2.5/month membership.

Noted app widget

Install Noted (free, in-app purchases)

5. MemoWidget

It’s pointless to pay for a note-taking app if you’re not a power user. MemoWidget covers that void and is designed for those who just wish to keep their memos on their Home Screen. The widget is available in a variety of sizes and colors, but the most compelling argument to promote it is that it resembles a sticky note. You can tap the memo to open the app and quickly edit it. MemoWidget is a free app with adverts on the App Store.


Install MemoWidget (free)

6. MiniMonth

When you want a personalized calendar on your Home Screen, Minimonth is the widget to purchase. Unlike the default Calendar widget, you may change things like element colors, light/dark mode, week numbers, and so on. After you’ve set it up, all you have to do now is add the Calendar widget to your Home Screen, and the widget will start working and even display forthcoming events as small dots next to the date.

MiniMonth Third-Party Widgets iPhone

Install MiniMonth (free)

7. Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith is a custom widgets software that specializes in customizing your Home Screen widget layout. You can use the program to construct a widget for a single function or a dynamic widget that displays different information throughout the day. You could, for example, make a widget that displays the weather in the morning, the calendar throughout the day, and Activity rings at the end of the day.

The app also uses your Apple Health data to provide you with correct data at a glance. Widgetsmith is available for free on the App Store, however advanced features such as tide and weather data require a subscription.


Install Widgetsmith (free, in-app purchases)

8. Photo Widget

Photo Widget is a straightforward widget that lets you create a slideshow of your favorite photos on your Home Screen. Simply drag and drop all the photographs into the slideshow, set a timer, and install the widget where you want it. The widget would change the photo and refresh at the specified intervals, giving your Home Screen a more dynamic appearance. On the App Store, the Photo Widget is available for free.

 Photo Widget

Install Photo Widget (Free)

9. Vocabulary: Third Party Widget

The sheer number of words in the English language fascinates me. Every day, this app will help you learn a new word. When you add a widget to your home screen, it will display a fresh word until you tap it. The widget can be scaled in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with the same content. The app is free to trial and has a $0.99/month subscription.

Get Vocabulary (free, in-app purchases)

Vocabulary word of the day widget for iPhone

10. Widgeridoo

Widgeridoo is a custom widget program similar to Widgetsmith that allows you to design widgets. This program, on the other hand, takes a different approach and allows you to design a completely unique widget. For example, you can combine several functions like battery percentage, RSS feed, photo, birthdays, etc. in a single widget to display many data sets. You can mix and match any number of combinations because each function is a module. If you want your widgets to stand out, Widgeridoo is a must-have app.

Widgeridoo app screenshot

Install Widgeridoo (free, in-app purchases)

11. App Icon Changer

Along with Widgets, iOS 14 allows you to modify app icons to create a totally personalized iPhone Home Screen. App Icon Changer has a lovely variety of unique app icons that you can use to replace the originals. Existing app icons, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Dialer, Notes, and others, are simply accessible in the app. You can look around the app for free, but you won’t be able to customize it unless you subscribe. It costs $1.99 each month.

App Icon Changer

Install App Icon Changer (free, in-app purchases)

12. Widgy: Third-Party Widgets iPhone

Widgy is perhaps one of the few iPhone apps that allows you to create a widget from scratch. It comes with a comprehensive range of tools for creating the ideal widget. Not only that, but you can also choose from a list of available widget molds to base your widget on. Widgy has evolved and amassed a user base that can assist you along the route. It’s available for free on the App Store.

Widgy Third-Party Widgets iPhone

Get Widgy (free)

13. Transparent Widgets

Despite the fact that Apple has made widgets and other options to customize your iPhone Home Screen available, iOS still doesn’t allow you to move the icons around. The program icons or widgets appear at the top of the screen, and there is no native way to move them to the bottom. There are workarounds, however, the Transparent Widgets’ software can free up to 50% of the screen with just one widget. To add the widget to your Home Screen, simply click a snapshot of an empty Home Screen page. It’s straightforward and effective. The software may be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Transparent Widgets

Install Transparent Widgets (free)

14. Widget Dial

Widget Dial is an iPhone software that allows you to set up speed dials for your favorite contacts. Even though the app doesn’t support Home Screen widgets, you can still use the Notification Center to enable the widget and view all of your favorites. All you have to do now is add all of your contacts to the app, and you’re ready to go. By tapping on the widget, you may even call favorites. It has the potential to be quite useful.

Widget Dial

Get Widget Dial (free)

15. Launcher Widget

This software provides a full collection of activities to your Home Screen widgets. You may make a custom widget that allows you to quickly access contacts, websites, music, or even an app. The software also has different layouts, allowing you to build a wide range of actions. The option to add contacts to the Home Screen, similar to Speed Dial, is the most useful feature. The software is free to download and use with a limited layout, but you can upgrade to the full version for $5.

Launcher Third-Party Widgets iPhone

Install Launcher (it’s free, but it costs $5).

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Conclusion: Third-Party Widgets for iPhone

These are some of the best widget apps for customizing your Home Screen and keeping important information at your fingertips at all times. While some widgets have more features than others, each app has something special to offer. With Photo Widget, you can create a slideshow, Calendar with Minimonth, and iPhone statistics with Usage. So, what’s your favorite widget app? Please notify me via Twitter.

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