Top 10 Free TV Apps for Smart TV to Cut the Cord in 2022

The top ten applications for watching free movies and TV series on your smart TV, Apps for your smart TV that are completely free. Smart TVs are large-screen smartphones. You can do everything you can on a smartphone on a Smart TV. To play games, to watch free movies and TV series on your TV, install one of the top 10 free Smart TV apps. You can download apps, play games, and watch movies and TV shows online. Netflix, Hulu, Hot star, and Amazon Prime Videos are just a few of the apps that charge a monthly fee to watch movies and TV series. However, several apps provide access to free movies and TV series. Those apps are also available for your smart TV. We’ve compiled a list of the finest free smart TV apps.

Top 10 Free TV Apps for Smart TV

  • Crackle
  • Pluto TV
  • Tubi
  • Vudu
  • Popcornflix
  • IMDb Movies & TV
  • Viewster
  • Snag Films
  • Flim Rise
  • BIG STAR Movies & TV

1. Crackle

Sony Crackle

For smart TVs, Crackle is the finest free movie and TV program streaming app. The app may be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It includes films from a variety of genres, including Action, Comedy, Thriller, Anime, and more. In addition, it includes the original collection. All the movies and TV series on crackle are available for free. Crackle is a video streaming service headquartered in the United States that is available in 21 countries, including the United States.

2. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free streaming service with many channels. Live TV, On Demand, and Trending are the three divisions. Movies, Seasons, Entertainment, News, Binge Watch, Comedy, Sports, Explore, Life + Style Tech + Geek, Kids, Latino, Music, etc. have their own channels on Pluto TV. Pluto TV is the greatest free smart TV streaming app. It is exclusively available in the United States and Canada. Only a few channels are available in Canada.

3. Tubi: Top TV Apps


Tubi made its debut in 2014. It’s a free video streaming service with over 15000 movies and TV series to choose from. It contains the most unique assortment of movies and TV series that you won’t find anywhere else, including paid streaming services. It includes films such as The Aviator, Annabelle Creation, and many others. It’s one of the few free apps available in a variety of nations. The software may be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The use of Tubi is fully lawful.

4. Vudu: Top TV Apps


Vudu is a video streaming service that offers both paid and free options. You may watch ad-supported movies for free. It includes all of the popular films such as Scooby-Doo, Hancock, and others. It has content in practically every genre under the Series section. The free area is always full of new movies because it has paid subscription content. They also constantly refresh the video content. Vudu is the best free streaming app available for your smart TV.

5. Popcornflix: Top TV Apps

Popcornflix: Top Free TV Apps

Another free streaming app that is available in most countries is Popcornflix. It contains films and television series for individuals of all ages. There is a lot of free content in the movies and TV series department. Aside from movies and TV shows, it features a Viral Kids section where you can see all the world’s viral videos. Popcornflix is one of the most popular free movie apps available for your smart TV.

To download the popcornflix go here, “”

6. IMDb Movies and TV Shows

IMDb Movies and TV Shows

IMDb is the most reliable source for movie and television show ratings and information in the world. You may view chosen Hollywood movies for free on the IMDb Movies and TV Shows app. The app includes a Watch list feature, which allows you to save movies and TV series for later viewing. In addition, it includes IMDb originals. All the stuff is provided without charge. One of the greatest smart TV applications for watching movies and series for free is IMDb Movies and TV Shows.

7. Viewster: Top Free TV Apps

Viewster: Top Free TV Apps

Viewster is an app that allows you to watch free animated movies. If you enjoy anime, you should install this app on your smart TV. Despite the fact that the video collections are based on anime, they include genres such as sci-fi, geek documentaries, gaming, and much more. The anime collections were hand-picked from a variety of sources all throughout the world. Viewster is the best anime streaming software available for your television.

8. Snag Films

Snag Films

Snag Films is a free streaming platform for movies and TV shows that you can install on your smart TV. With over 5000 movies, TV series, and documentaries spanning 12+ genres, there’s something for everyone. The information is updated once a month. There is something for everyone with the Snag Films app.

Tech Cocktail named Snag Films the Best App for Watching Movies. It’s one of your smart TV’s must-have free streaming apps.

9. Film Rise: Top Free TV Apps

Film Rise: Top Free TV Apps

Film Rise is a free program that allows you to view all accessible movies and TV shows for no cost. You may watch all the video content with advertising, but they aren’t as intrusive as they are on cable TV. The majority of the videos on this page are in high definition. The movies offered here are organized by IMDb ratings, so you can see only the highest-rated films. Film Rise is one of the greatest free smart TV apps available.

10. BIG STAR Movies & TV

BIG STAR Movies & TV

BIG STAR Movies & TV offers a limited amount of free movies. Instead of thousands of movies like other apps, the app features award-winning films, film festival winners, foreign films, and documentaries. In this app, there is a very limited selection of Hollywood films. If you enjoy anti-Hollywood content, you will enjoy this app.

Final Verdict: Top 10 Free TV Apps for Smart TV

The top 10 free TV apps for your smart TV are listed below. Install any of the applications, and you’ll be able to watch all of your favorite movies and TV series for free. Please let us know if we missed any of the top free TV applications for smart TV in the comments’ area so that others can get them. For additional information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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