Apps To Use Phone Camera as Webcam For PC and Mac

Whether it’s for spontaneous video conversations, meetings, or interviews, we all utilize a Webcam. And you have to cope with your poor tiny laptop’s camera for that. I was recently caught in a meeting with my webcam not working when inspiration struck. What if I could utilize the camera on my phone as a webcam? For the time being, I’ve found an app, but it’s a bit buggy. In this write-up, we are going to discuss some best apps to use Phone Camera as Webcam for PC and Mac.

As a result, I embarked on the hunt for a good program that could actually fix my problem. The following is a collection of apps that can turn your phone into a webcam. These programs are available for Android and iOS, as well as Mac and Windows. Let’s get started with some popular and useful apps to use Phone Camera as Webcam for Windows PC or macOS.

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Use Phone Camera as Webcam For PC And Mac

Before we go into the apps, we need to figure out how to get the phone camera to work with the client app. The client-server approach is used by the programs listed below. As a result, linking them is a common procedure. I’ll be utilizing the IP WebCam mobile app to demonstrate, and we’ll be testing using the Skype desktop program.

How to Connect Your Phone Camera

1. First and foremost, get the IP WebCam app on your phone and install it. Now open the program and scroll down to “Start Server” at the bottom of the screen.

Ensure that your phone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

IP Webcam app to Connect Your Phone Camera

2. You’ll see the URL to connect once you’ve started the server on your phone. The URL in my case is “” as seen below.

connecting Phone Camera with PC

This URL is used to operate the camera on your mobile device from your PC or Mac. You must type the URL into your web browser to access all of the camera’s menus and settings.

Connect Your Phone Camera

3. Now, you must download and install the desktop app in order to use your smartphone camera as an IP webcam. After that, go to the start menu and type “Configure IP Camera Adapter“.

configure ip camera to use Phone Camera as Webcam

4. Type the same URL that appears on the mobile app into the desktop application. Add “/videofeed” to the end of the URL. Last but not least, the URL should be ““.

source autodetect MJPEG Properties

5. To test the connection, hit the “Auto Detect” button once you’ve input the URL. You will receive the following message if the connection is successful.

use Phone Camera as Webcam

6. If the connection is established successfully, click the “Apply” button to save the changes.

apply videofeed

7. After that, we must make our smartphone webcam the default camera in Skype. To do so, launch the Skype Desktop software and select the three dots in the upper-left corner. Select Settings from the expanded menu.

skype setting to use Phone Camera

8. To alter the video settings, click on the “Audio & Video” option in the Settings menu.

Skype audio and video setting

9. Change the camera from “HD Webcam” to “MJPEG Camera” in the video options. The video feed from your phone should now be streamed. On Skype, you may now utilize your phone camera as a webcam.

use Phone Camera as Webcam

Apps To Use Phone as Webcam

Here are some best that allows you to use Phone as Webcam.

1. IP Camera Lite

The majority of iOS webcam apps are either paid or do not work. IP Camera Lite is an exception; it is one of the few free webcam apps for iOS that actually works. The app’s user interface is classic, and you’ll be met with a blank screen when you first open it. A button labeled “Turn on IP Camera Server” is located at the bottom of the screen. When you click it, the phone camera and webcam server are launched, along with a connection URL displayed on the screen.

Apps To Use Phone as Webcam

The next step is to connect using a web browser. There’s also a desktop app for IP Camera Lite, but we’ll get to that in a minute. You will be requested for credentials if you enter the URL supplied on the phone camera app. The username and password are both set to “admin” by default (configurable in the mobile app). Although the video stream functions correctly, the footage has a perceptible lag. Most web-based video calling services, such as Skype, Team Viewer, Slack, and others, are compatible with IP Camera Lite.

The IP Camera Lite app is the greatest iOS software available. The free version, on the other hand, has a watermark in the top right corner. Furthermore, the IP Camera Lite’s desktop application is broken. During my tests, it mostly did not respond. As a result, I wouldn’t advocate using the desktop app because it has one big flaw. It is not compatible with desktop applications such as Skype for Desktop.

IP camera from iphone


  • With a small degree of lag, the online web applications runs smoothly.
  • You may even share the microphone on your smartphone.


  • There is no possibility to choose the resolution of the video camera.
  • In the free version, there is a watermark on the video recording.
  • Because the desktop app isn’t functional, you can only use it with web-based video conferencing tools.

Premium Features ($1.99) includes: no watermark on image, Uploading video recordings to FTP or OneDrive, receiving email notifications, port forwarding, and more features are available.

Supported Platform: Windows, iOS, macOS, Android.

Download IP Camera Lite for Android | iOS | Windows | macOS

2. IP Webcam

Another webcam app for Android and Windows is IP Webcam. The app’s UI is fairly standard, with the settings menu serving as the home page. You can customize the client app’s login password and desired port. The port is 8080 by default. The best part is that IP Webcam offers streaming up to the camera’s maximum resolution. As a result, if your smartphone camera can record 4k videos, you can also stream in 4k.

IP Camera light has a similar setup. A web browser or a desktop application can be used to connect to the phone camera. The desktop program, on the other hand, works flawlessly. The video resolution can be changed in both the mobile app and the client desktop app. Other capabilities include the ability to use the phone as a CCTV camera, live footage preview, and the ability to download footage.

IP Webcam app to Use Phone as Webcam

The IP webcam’s connecting process is quick and easy, however, the smartphone app lacks fundamental functionality. You can’t, for example, switch between the rear and front cameras. To do so, you must instead go to the web portal.


  • Options for using your phone camera as a security camera.
  • On the web portal, you can see a live preview of the footage.
  • The footage from the smartphone camera can be downloaded.


  • Basic functionality such as camera flipping and resolution setting are missing from the smartphone app.

Premium Features ($4) Includes: Video footage can be uploaded to Dropbox or an SFTP server, and audio can be recorded and streamed.

Supported Platform: Windows, Android.

Download IP Webcam for Android or Windows.

3. DroidCam

DroidCam is a simple webcam application with a few extras. Also, DroidCam has a simple interface compared to other programs. The connection data will be displayed as soon as you open the app. You can alter the credentials as well as the port number, just like the other apps. You can also use a web browser or a desktop application to access the mobile app. DroidCam also has USB and Wi-Fi connectivity options. It’s an excellent alternative because the latency is negligible when connected over USB.

Droidcam App To Use Phone as Webcam

In the free version, the software only allows a resolution of up to 480p. It also has the capability of keeping the camera awake in the background. This makes the webcam incredibly unobtrusive, and you may use it to keep an eye on your children. Although the app connection is one of the best, it lacks fundamental controls. After you’ve made the connection, you won’t be able to flip the camera. In the free version, the resolution is likewise limited to 480p.


  • Additional connectivity methods, such as Hotspot and USB, are available.
  • In addition, a smartphone application can run in the background.


  • The free version has a maximum resolution of 480p.
  • After the connection is established, the camera cannot be flipped.

Premium Features: No ads, high-resolution video support (up to 720p in HD Mode), and an experimental ‘FPS Boost’ option for up to 2x frame rates are just a few of the premium features.

Supported Platform: Windows, Linux, Android.

Download DroidCam Wireless Webcam for Windows | Linux | Android.

4. iVCam

iVCam is the only software in this category with a more modern user interface. iVCam begins searching for the laptop with the client app in the local network as soon as you open the app. When the app is detected, the camera interface appears. iVCam’s connecting process is one of the smoothest on the list.

Out of the three, this one has a camera interface that is pretty different. Swipe gestures are supported. You can adjust the ISO by swiping left/right, the exposure by swiping up/down, and zoom by pinching. The movements are useful, and the app’s user interface is generally simple. It provides network connectivity information and even has an auto-reconnect capability.

iVCam's App To Use Phone as Webcam

In addition, you can use your iPhone to connect additional devices. It sends the same video stream to all devices this way. The app’s overall experience is fantastic, with only one glaring flaw. Between video streams, you’ll see full-screen advertisements. You can live with banner ads and watermarks, but full-screen advertisements are a no-no.


  • The most user-friendly app on this list is the smartphone camera app.
  • In the LAN, the smartphone camera is automatically detected.
  • Touch gestures may be used to modify the ISO, zoom level, and other settings on the smartphone app.
  • Multiple PCs can be connected to a single smartphone camera.


  • Contains full-screen ads.

Premium Features includes without Ads and no watermark which costs $7.99.

Supported Platform: Windows, iOS.

Download iVCam for iOS | Windows.

Final Verdict: Use Phone Camera as Webcam

IP Camera Lite is a good alternative if you’re utilizing an iPhone with a PC or Mac. Consider purchasing the premium edition of iVCam if you have a Windows machine and an iPad or iPhone. IP Webcam is the finest option for Android and Windows users. You’ll get crystal-clear footage with no watermark at the highest resolution.

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