10 Best Zoom Apps to Spruce up Video Calling Experience

Zoom is set to take the globe by storm in 2020. Zoom uses by millions of people because of its simple interface and powerful functionality. Today, Zoom is used for numerous job interviews, seminars, music concerts, and even informal chats between friends and family. Zoom released Zoom apps in October 2020, which allow users to incorporate popular services into their regular workflow on Zoom, like sprucing up video calling.

We’ve collected a list of Zoom apps that can help you improve your experience and make it more enjoyable. Before we go into the list, let’s clarify what Zoom apps are and how to download them

What Are Zoom Apps

Zoom Apps are applications that you may utilize within the Zoom platform to boost productivity and build a unified environment in one place. Throughout your meeting workflow, Zoom apps provide access to best-of-breed solutions. It enables people to be more productive and efficient before, during, and after virtual meetings.

Zoom apps are available for both paid and free download on the Zoom marketplace on the web.

The best Zoom Apps for Video Calling

1. Slack: Zoom App

With the Zoom plugin for Slack, you can streamline your workflow and conversations. The “/zoom” slash command can be used to initiate a Zoom Meeting straight in a Slack channel or group message. The Zoom integration for Slack can be installed individually by a Slack user with a Zoom account, or it can be distributed to the entire organization in a few simple steps by the Zoom account admin.

Slack : Zoom Apps Video Calling

Get Slack for Zoom

2. Google Calendar Notifications

When you use the Google Calendar Notifications app, you can get notifications in Zoom Chat when you have a new calendar event, when an existing event modify, and when an event is about to begin. You can also obtain daily or weekly event summaries. You may simply tailor the bot to send you specific reminders, updates, and summaries.

Google Calendar Notifications

Get Google Calendar Notifications for Zoom

3. Gmail for Zoom

Gmail users may use the Gmail Zoom app to arrange, start, and manage meetings directly from their inboxes. To include meeting’s email participants is an automatic process, and you can add more if you like.

Gmail: Zoom Apps Video Calling

A little Zoom add-on is just beside your Gmail home interface.

Get Gmail for Zoom

4. Evernote

This is my personal fave. I enjoy how I can access and examine Evernote notes right from the Zoom UI as a long-time Evernote user. The Evernote add-on is in the Zoom chat menu. You must authenticate and grant the required rights after downloading the app from the Zoom store. You’re ready to go with your Zoom notes now.


Get Evernote for zoom.

5. Asana

You may create and connect meetings in Asana with the Asana Zoom app, and recordings will be instantly sent to tasks.

Asana for zoom Video calling

You can also link Zoom meetings to Asana tasks to keep your team informed about upcoming meetings and discussions. I enjoy how Asana for Zoom uses automatic recording and transcript sharing to keep stakeholders informed about meeting outcomes.

Get Asana for Zoom

6. DocuSign

If you routinely receive paperwork to sign over Zoom calls, this one will come in handy. You no longer need to juggle between several apps to get things done when you use the DocuSign Zoom app. You can sign papers on the move by downloading the DocuSign add-on for Zoom. Furthermore, you may receive notifications about your DocuSign envelopes by connecting the DocuSign app to a Zoom Chat channel.

DocuSign for Zoom

Get DocuSign for Zoom

7. Coursera

As a result of the COVID pandemic, there has been a significant shift in online education. Many creators have used sites like Udemy, Skill-share, and Coursera to reach out to a larger audience. When it comes to Coursera, you can use Zoom meetings to teach live and have recordings integrated directly into the Coursera learning experience.

Get Coursera for Zoom

8. Zapier: Zoom Apps for Video Calling

Zapier, an online automation platform, can interface with Zoom in a variety of ways. It may automate operations such as sending invitations when setting up a meeting, registering for webinars automatically after a customer pays, and more. If you’re seeking methods to save time, the firm claims to have over 1,500 app connections that can connect to Zoom through its platform.

Zapier for Zoom

Get Zapier for Zoom

9. Google Drive

Your Zoom meeting/webinar recordings and meeting/chat transcripts let you transfer to your Google Drive account using Google Drive for Zoom. You’ll locate the “Zoom Recording” folder in your Google Drive account after you’ve set up the service.

Google Drive for zoom video calling

Get Google Drive for Zoom

10. Mailchimp: Zoom Apps Video Calling

Mailchimp is a marketing automation software that allows you to automate your email campaigns. You may receive campaign performance results notifications in your Zoom Chat channels using the Mailchimp chat app for Zoom.

Mailchimp for Zoom

Get Mailchimp for Zoom.

Final Remarks: Best Zoom Apps to Spruce up Video Calling

You don’t have to switch between different applications on your desktop while using Zoom apps for video calling. Within the Zoom interface, you can now rapidly navigate to apps to streamline permissions, allow document accessibility, and interact on screen.


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